My Favorite Ranger-Based Theme Songs Sung by the Cast Themselves

Yes there were some ranger-based theme songs sung by the actors who portrayed them in some Super Sentai shows. In the case of Dekaranger and Boukenger, all the members of the Sentai group sang for the soundtrack. Sadly not all of them can really sing :-(. Please note most of them are bonus songs NOT in-show songs.

I'd like to list some of my favorites as they really do stand out in my opinion. They are:
I also liked Haruka Suenaga's rather mellow song "Sakura". It was my favorite song from the soundtrack and my favorite ranger-based theme song. I take my word back- this is my NUMBER ONE.

Ayumi Kinoshita's song "Hard Rain" is nice. Strangely enough, Jasmine-San (my friend that looked like her) likes this song too even if she can't understand a word because she's of Chinese descent and if I'm not wrong, she can play the guitar. Fortunately it's not heavy metal because my ears have gotten too sensitive for some reason. :-P

I like Rin Takanashi's song for Shinken Pink. Love her voice.

I liked how Chise Nakamura's "Hidden Treasure" song for its jolly tune.

Megumi Mori's song Spark E in Liveman was amazing. She's definitely talented.

Mitsuomi Takahashi despite his lack of voice quality is able to express the song "The Greatest Precious". Honestly speaking, I'm more into slower music like his than the bad-ass music like Yasuka Saitoh.

Ryousuke Sakamato sang the song "Pegasus of Sundown". It was a nice tune though.

Masashi Mikami's song "Blue for You" is nice, he's got a better voice than most of the males in his cast.

Toshihide Wakamatsu's Song "Fiery Condor" is really great despite the fact I initially disliked his character for opposing my favorite character. He was a really good singer, A LOT better than Yasuka Saitoh. He sounds like some friend of mine.

Tsuyoshi Hayashi's song "Blue is the Sky" fits him quite well.

Tomokazu Yoshida's song "Deka Break Full Throttle".

I liked Ryujei Sainei's song "Bang Bang" despite his lack of voice quality in my opinion. I do lack it too so we're par! Hee hee!

Just my note: I like female singers better than male singers being a male myself! :-P


  1. Yup. I love Hard Rain as well.

    I like the ones you put up.

    I also like Manpei Takagi and Araki Hirofumi's Just make it out and Dark Pulse~Unwavering Desire.

  2. I haven't listened to Dekaranger's songs yet, but I do love Sakura's Theme Song! One of my favorite Sentai songs. ^_^

  3. awwww no black drive


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