Dairanger Team Analysis

As Chinese new year is fast approaching (and so is Valentine's Day, boo hoo can't believe I still don't have luck with Jasmine-San) and tomorrow is well, the first day of February, I'd like to start it with the Dairanger team analysis. Ps. Dairanger's red, green, blue and pink rangers' animals remind me of Changeman too!

Ryu/Ryuuranger- He is half-Chinese, half-Japanese fellow sired by a Chinese father and a Japanese mother. He is what the show would have as the hesitant red ranger who is unable to accept his destiny at first until he realizes he is needed. He also carries the mark of a tragic past, moving towards the future and also being the most bad-ass member because he's practiced more fight skills than the others and his Dragon Fist techniques which accompanies with what Chi Beast empowers him namely Ryuseioh kick a lot of asses which makes fire a fitting mastery for him. I think he also pays tribute to Ryu of Jetman with his battles with Jin Matoba (acted by Takumi Hirose) and with Shaddam where he nearly dies in the final battle. He almost pays tribute to Chinese actors Bruce Lee and Jet Li. In one aspect to another, I could compare him to Shiro in Bioman when it comes to the father aspect- he thought his dad had died but only to later see his dad still alive and then die but his had a twist- his father became a Darth Vader villain.

Daigo/Shishiranger- He is somewhat a tribute to Chinese mythology's scholar Liu Chan Yang as he had feelings for Kujaku who is a female goddess. He is also one of the tragic lovers in the series as of course, like Liu Chan Yang, his feelings for Kujaku aren't allowed. He of course saw Kujaku's mortal body pass away and went to the Pureland with the real Gara. He specializes in Chinese karate. However his abilities of illusion doesn't seem to fit much with his personality. I may make an entry dedicated to him and Kujaku soon enough.  For me, he's one of the most tragic lovers in all of Sentai.

Shouji/Tenmaranger- He is what we'd call the reformed bad guy, called from light to darkness as a street punk turned ranger. Despite his street punk past, he always had a strong sense of honor. His limited control of gravity gives his long fist techniques an advantage in battle whenever necessary if he has to adjust the speed around him.

Kazu/Tenmaranger- One may think of him as effeminate because of his job however that's not established canon or anything. He is a beautician yes but he can fight with his drunken fist style, a tribute to Jacky Chan's movie "Drunken Master" and incorporating dance into martial arts, which I think tributes Leslie Cheung's fighting in Hong Kong cinema.  The fact that he had a descendant proved straight men can be beauticians.

Lin/Hououranger- She's your not-so-everyday woman. Don't let her pretty face fool you for she's a witty one. Okay she's the smart one but that doesn't mean she can't fight. She's tougher than most of the smart women rangers in Sentai. However she got naive in terms with love as she fell for the Media Magician who she had a tragic romance with. She also hates Kou very much during the early parts of the show. Her fighting style which is the Eagle Fist, almost fitting with her Chi Beast the Houou.  I just thought she's pretty, tough and elegant in a balanced package.  I wouldn't want to mess up with her!

Kou/Kibaranger- He's sentai's youngest ranger which of course requires him to grow adult size whenever he morphs. He's what I'd call the "tragic in-between" as his father is Shaddam and his mother is a Dai (acted by Mikiko Miki) which due to his dark half, he could become a Gorma which was purified by baptism. He is a tragic fellow as he has to deal with his dark twin Akomaru and even saw his own mother pass away before his very eyes. He of course is in love with Lin which is unlikely he married her in the future.  I just thought his maturity from perversity to proper behavior was fun to watch too.

Kameo/Daimugen- Okay this is kind of funny but I consider Daimugen as a Dairanger even if he doesn't participate in human-sized battles. He is what I'd call the funny guy with serious action as he's actually the legendary Daimugen who aids the Dairangers in forming the Heavy Armor Chi Palace. He is an "extra hero" as well.


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