Music in Super Sentai and Power Rangers Compared

I think it's just something that's gone over the throats of fans to which music is better. This area seems relative or a gray area because of culture. I'd like to really talk about Sentai and Power Rangers soundtrack.
Okay let's start with Super Sentai music because Super Sentai came in first. Super Sentai in its shows also had the habit of inserting popular songs while using fast paced while rarely using heavy metal (apparently the people have sensitive ears like I do). On the other hand, the soundtracks sound like dance music and some range to "classical" (ex. Zyuranger's opening) to the romantic.

There's a different song for the opening and the ending as to avoid boredom. Somehow each one has a reason for playing those different songs. There were also songs for the mecha which of course added greater flavor to the soundtrack although we can only hear minus one or instrumentals in the shows. Some openings were sung by the actors. Liveman was sung by Daisuke Shima and Turboranger's opening and ending was sung by Kenta Satou.

Some rangers had their own theme songs too. As far as I can remember, Guy Yuuki had an incredibly cool theme song sung by the actor Toshihide Wakamatsu himself. In Dekaranger and Boukenger, each ranger got to sing their own theme song in contrast to other Super Sentai series. My favorite had to be Ayumi Kinoshita's song in Dekaranger and Haruka Suenaga's song Sakura in Boukenger.

However some non-Asian fans refer to it as drunken karaoke night, blah... or disco music as a means of putting down Super Sentai over Power Rangers.
Somehow Super Sentai fans have berated Power Rangers' music. Ron Wasserman's composition of the classic Go Go Power Rangers song was somewhat Anime in feel. However later songs managed to "go loopy" that is with Power Rangers Turbo but the problem got fixed with Lost Galaxy up to Wild Force. The best opening so far was with Time Force and Lightspeed Rescue. However the endings just had minus one or reprisals which I didn't like. There wasn't much soundtrack to it either. There were mecha themes but it was merely orchestra, no vocal version.

I feel like Disney ruined the music big time when it started with Ninja Storm up to present. Argh! I honestly considered Ninja Storm's music loopy, the rest POOR RAP and well, ouch! It hurts my ears like Alycia Purrott's irritating way of talking!


  1. I like both the Sentai and Saban PR songs. But I tend to lean more towards Sentai due to it actually having their own library of BGMs (Background Music).

    Yeah, the Disney PR music was horrible. RPM deserved a much much much better theme song. But I will admit. I thought Dino Thunder's theme song was pretty cool. It sounded quite unique to me.

    I did think the MMPR fast-paced guitar BGMs were pretty cool and gave it its own flavor. After like Turbo, they stopped using it. After that, the BGMs didn't really stand out as much.

    The MMPR theme song I both love and hate. I love it cause its so catchy. But I also hate it due to my personal experiences with it from being a Sentai fan (which I wish this hate would go away). LOL

    Regardless, I will always admit, that the MMPR theme song had kickass guitar play! ;)

  2. @fantasyleader::true,supersentai have abilities to make one song to be really MEMORABLE and MEANINGFUL(eventhou i didnt undestand a thing)

    for exmple::BOUKENGER!!!

    PR in th other hand::

    cool,sometimes,(like u said),GOT A REALLY GAY-LIKE rapping XD

    juss my opinion

  3. my top 3 supersentai theme songs favour are the song for abaranger, dekaranger and boukenger, and my favour power rangers theme songs top 3 are the song for lost galaxy, ninja strom and SPD

  4. I agree with Fantasy Leader on the MMPR theme. When I got back into PR and Sentai in about 2005, this really ignorant girl at school sung it in a mean way. These people, and the drunken karaoke night people, are just pieces of shit. We can never take any notice of them.


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