Shinkenger: Juzo's Death, Takeru's Return

Finally Takeru gets his last battle with Juzo and I find his duel far more intense than Red Mask's desperate battle with Baraba in Maskman so I guess he's the better Takeru.

After a rather long and intense battle, Juzo finally gets what he deserves. It ends where Takeru Shiba strikes him down in a diagonal slash defeating him. Takeru suits off and Juzo restores back to his human form. Juzo dies in an unusual way as he crumbles down.

Seeing the next episode, how Takeru will return still remains to be seen. On the other hand, two more episodes to go. Finally Doukoku reappears and it's going to be the intense final battle.
However at the looks of Goseiger, I need to see a few episodes before I throw my judgment but it seems it won't click much with me though.


  1. It was a very unusual ending! But it was a great and intense sword fight!

    But I was so disappointed at Mako! She should have hugged Takeru! I am so frustrated!

  2. It seems to me the Takeru-Mako love story never really happened in the first place; it was just us, the fans, who wanted that to happen.

    Or maybe just the Filipino fans, who always thinks that kind and understanding actions towards the opposite sex means more than it seems just as what Mako was doing with Takeru, hehehe....

    But I still believe Mako will end up with Takeru in the end. The allusion of Mako wanting to be a bride and wife means something just as Takeru was alluded as a liar in both mind and body.

  3. @Ling

    She probably did hug

  4. Definitely one of Sentai's best one-on-one fight scenes in its history. ^_^


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