What I'm Thinking of Goseiger with These Pictures

Somehow Shinkenger is kind of looking good at first. However it seems I'm not very excited about Goseiger... I don't know why.

The cast looks so young and new. I wonder if they have knowledge in martial arts. Looks like Takumi Hirose won't be interested in them. :-( My impression is it's more of a Sentai that won't be so appealing to the grown up audience. I just think Gosei Red looks way too young for his actual age.

So far the weapons are looking good and Gosei Red's sword reminds me of the 80s GT Sword of Red Turbo.

Maybe this time, it's using REAL flames unlike Shinkenger's which I think was for practicality reasons because the sword was too big for that stunt. Maybe the CGI just improved. I don't know. According to Fantasy Leader, it's REAL flames like the fire sword in Bioman.


  1. Why are you not excited about Goseiger? Well...

    For starters, it could be because the suits and mecha all look like a "seen it already." It looks like it brings nothing new to the franchise. Also, look at the team's uniforms. They probably don't look as creative to you. They look very much like Boukenger's.

    Also, think to yourself. Why are you not happy about the cast looking young? Why is that a bad thing? (Kou from Dairanger and Riki from Ohranger were younger). Is it because you're worried that due to their young age, they haven't had enough training and thus don't have the experience to work in the show? Or don't have the experience to perform any stunts like martial arts?

    Maybe its because you can tell Hirose wouldn't come back for such a season like Goseiger and it makes you sad that such an awesome actor won't be returning. But look on the bright side. Hirose isn't the only person to keep sentai going. ;)

    And it's very possible that Hirose just isn't interested in new school sentai all together, making him an old school purist (which is perfectly understandable). Only actor I know of that's still interested in Sentai is Hiroshi Miyauchi.

    And no, Gosei Great's sword is not blazing with CGI fire. That's real fire, which hasn't been done since like... I think the 90s.

    I also noticed in one of your polls that you asked whether Goseiger would have an old school feel to it or not. Maybe you're worried that Goseiger won't have an old-school feel like many other fans are expecting. In fact, maybe you are expecting Goseiger to have an old-school feel, and you get the feeling that it won't. Thus, it leads to disappointment. IMO, best thing would be to ignore this.

    I hope this maybe brought out some realization. But hey, look on the bright side. Many sentai look "meh" at the start. That's how I felt with some sentai like Boukenger and Gekiranger (which I love both now). And one more thing sean, we still don't know what Goseiger is supposed to entirely be about. So that can be something to look forward to. ;)

  2. Fantasy Leader, thanks for pointing out I'm being TOO biased.

    By the way, if I'm not wrong Takumi Hirose has appeared in Chinese movies as well. Some toku actors like Yukari Oshima (Farrah Cat in Bioman) and Tatsuya Matsui (Tasmadder of Kamen Rider Black RX) have appeared in the Chinese martial arts genre.

  3. Stop being so obbsessed with Valetine's day and post something new about Goseiger already considering that it starts in one week.


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