Comeback and Sacrifice: Shiro Izumi and Hiroya Matsumoto

Sorry for not updating for some time and the viewership dropped.  So hope I can do some Kyoryuger insights.  Now moving on...

First is Burai's rather sad death in Zyuranger.  Shiro Izumi's first character Yuuma survived in Changeman but as a sixth rather, it sucked for Burai.  I like Burai but hated the fact that he only had thirty hours to live but the arc was so well-written, I liked Burai even when he died and I was really having a hard time accepting when I read about his death.  But yeah, it was pretty much expected and made more sense than Tommy just goofing off and waiting for Zordon's call. For me, Burai deciding to live the rest of his life fighting Bandora until he dies was the best decision he made in his whole life after he broke the evil from within.  For me, this dramatic scene was really well-written, tears for Dragon Caesar.  Later, Burai came back as a ghost in the Legend War and later with Naoto and Mikoto to give Gai Ikari his destiny.

The second is Hiroya Matsumoto who first appeared in Magiranger as Magiyellow.  He then returned in Gobusters which I found to be a depressing series.  So I thought did Yasuko Kobayashi look at some of the drafts of Power Rangers RPM or those rumors?  I can't say.  But looking at it, Jin Masato in Gobusters in the fianl episode gave up his very existence to allow the Gobusters to destroy Enter who has the final Messiah card.  So Jin dies in the finale, Burai dies in a later episode.


  1. Gobuster is not a depressing story but it did not have the happy ending as most viewers would expect with the team rescuing the staff that was absorbed in hyper space some 15 years ago. Also as a foreshadow in episode 30 that if the staff was not rescued then Masato fate was already sealed as his actual physical body is digitizing and it is totally irreversible. Though Masato is a anti-hero he did evolved and selfishly helped Hiromu filter.out the card using both the stasis capsule and his body. As he is pretty much a hologram, he needs his body and stasis capsule to display it. Though he is dead, Beet j. Stag is still around and.he can be back for.the next movie as Stag may still have a back up data on Jin.


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