Final Thoughts on Gobusters

Gobusters for me was a pain to watch most of the time and I skipped several episodes, perhaps I'd say it's Kobayashi's worst work but I'll credit her for Gingaman, Timeranger, Shinkenger and Ryuki.  She just needs a break or something.  Now moving on... and thanks to Christina Tran for the pictures.

The shocking revelation of Jin Masato with his real body is pretty surprising and last minute.  And also the fact he sacrificed himself so the Messiah card can be removed from Hiromu's body was a brave thing to do while being typical of heroes to risk themselves.

The final battle with Enter shows just how crazy Enter is.  While I was hoping the Messiah virus would return, infect the world systems and cause a really destructive finale, instead we have Enter empowered by the Messiah card instead.  I guess it was done so Gobusters doesn't copy too much from Power Rangers RPM.  I'd say I was disappointed Messiah was erased for good after his supposed return, plus I really wanted the plot where Messiah takes over Enter's body and does all the trouble or even lead an entire world wide attack.

The final attack against Enter is cool.  Just a thought, after finally defeating Enter, Jin Masato fades away to the afterlife.  I was just glad that they didn't kill Enter by a building falling down and them containing him into their henshin devices or something.  Compared to Venjix, Enter really gets deleted for good.

A very sad scene indeed...

The heroes make it out alive and later return back to their regular lives.

So they all go back to their regular lives after defeating the malignant virus that was Enter.  For Beet-J I do feel sorry for his losses.  But will they be called again?  Maybe.


  1. I guess you are not the only one who dislikes Go Busters as it was a ratings flop. Too bad it could not escape the shadows of Gokaigers. I was looking forward to the series because they where using pleather and robot asistants which is unique. I realize.they where also doing the primary 3 members thing which is not.l very popular in Super Sentai. What was the big let down is Varglass as Messiah was not a threat as all he did was scream. The number of individual members was too low as it is Enter and Escape doing most of the work. The important aspect in any shoe it must have a large team of villains which this series failed to have.
    Overall I do like this series as there was no happy ending for our heroes as they failed rescue their family and staffs from th hyperspace implosion. And Masato was a great character as he evolved from a antihero to a hero through sacrificing his own survival so both Red Buster and the world will not suffer. Already I miss the series and I am not bothered by so many negative opinion by extreme fans.
    I was the 1st episode of Kyoryugers and it is not as compelling as many as past series that are masterpiece. I hope its not another sleeper as Goseigers!

  2. Enter and Escape may be the only 2 main villains but at least we don't have 5 bumbling idiots as main villains running around trying to impress their master. Enter was smart, that I can say.

    1. Yes, the basic Sentai theme is that one villain is the strongest development and Enter was it. One or many, ut is the writer who is responsible for their development. Enter was just the yes man and he was.showing sign of instability as he was failing to steal Enetron. Kobayashi had what it several.more.all it took was creativity and imagination!

    2. Another final thought of GoBusters, 2012 was a disastress year for me as anything and everything was going wrong for me and economicly it was very bad. But seeing Gobuster in the internet every Sunday made things smoothly and it helped me get through the hardships or help me forget all the stress. What ever opinion you have about the.series thats fine but its still Morphing Time!


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