Where are the Super Sentai Teams Now in their Fictional Universe? (Part 1-Late 70s-80s Era)

Inspired by this post titled "Where are the Power Rangers in the Fictional Universe?" I thought I might do one for Super Sentai.  Moving on...

After Goranger, it seems that the team had still stayed together in the Dino Gon Curry House and the Eagle Military Branch.
For JAKQ after defeating Iron Claw, it's most likely they have either parted ways or may still be together.

Battle Fever J- Perhaps they all went back to their original lives after defeating Egos.  For Diane Martin the first Miss America, she's in America and may have not recovered.

Denziman- May be currently running the Toei Amusement Park.
Sun Vulcan- May be still together.

Goggle V- Not much is known of their lives after they defeated Deathdark.  Just a thought, they may have disbanded already.

Dynaman- After defeating Jashinka, it's most likely they may have become a team of scientists to continue Yumeno's dreams of science.

After defeating New Empire Gear, Peebo takes back their Technobraces and they disband.  So what's next?  Well they may be living their own lives now.  Shiro would be back to NASA, Shingo in racing, Ryuuta may be working with watersports, Jun back to Europe to win archery and Hikaru may be now a musician.

For the Changemen, it's presumably either they stayed in the military after Commander Hayate left for space with the Change Shuttle.  So they may have taken roles as officers now.

For the Flashmen, it's a bittersweet outcome.  True they have defeated Mess and Dr. Lee Keflen once and for all but in the moral dilemma situation, they chose to leave Earth rather than accept treatment from their final nemesis.  They left for the Flash system where they reside now.  It's unknown whether or not they have cured it later.

For the Maskmen, it's assumed they have disbanded after the defeat of Tube.  Maybe Takeru's heading the circuit now, Akira may be going back to school and Momoko to teaching children.  Takeru and Ial may still reunite but only in the world of fan fiction.

For the Livemen, the finale never placed any word either.  So they were just viewing the footages of Volt?  Well I guess they'll be rebuilding Academia from scrap.

For Turboranger, what happens to these teenagers after defeating Bouma is unknown except that I assume they have eventually graduated high school, headed for college and the rest is left to fandom.

If I made a mistake, kindly post and I'll edit it.


  1. Liveman- Ryusuke did do.the 25th anniversary movie but his fate is never explained. Jyo now works in the newly rebuilt Science Academia after the Volt Massacre 23 years ago. He may be just a computer technician there as he was a weak student with crummy grades.

    Turborangers- after episode 51 Riki Honoo's appearance in Gokaigers never help.explain the characters possible fate after the series. As a writer we can imagine art imitating life.
    Riki- became a baseball player
    Daichi- owns a bar
    Youhei- manages a hotel
    Shunsuke- became a comic celebrity
    Haruna- became a culinary teacher

    As the 3 out of 5 actors have retired after.the show ended. These are the things that the characters may be doing in the Sentai Universesimilar what the former actors are now.


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