Where are the Super Sentai Teams Now in their Fictional Universe? (Part 2-90s Era)

Well this was the era where Power Rangers eventually came to existence but let's start shall we?

The Fivemen were last seen leaving the Earth to recover their stranded parents.  Most likely they went back to their teaching careers.

The Jetmen had a three years later epilogue.  So for Gai Yuki, we don't know what he was doing, perhaps he lingered around Sky Force and became a commander before he was mugged to death.  For Ryu and Kaori they got married and Ryu could be in Sky Force.  Raita married Satsuki is still farming and Ako became an idol singer.

The Zyurangers ascended into Heaven after the defeat of Bandora to be reunited with Burai.  They later descended to Earth to fight in the Legend War in the Gokaiger continuity.

The Dairangers after the defeat of Gorma returned back to their regular livelihoods like Kazu as a hairstylist, Lin's back in College, Kou is going back to school, Shouji with boxing.  50 years later, they are seen having been married, having their own families and are now grandparents.

The Kakurangers were still last seen together after they defeated the Youkai.

The Ohrangers most likely are still at the UAOH working as soldiers.  In Gokaiger, it's revealed Gorou got promoted.

The Carrangers are apparently still part of Pegasus Garage though later, Kyousuke became a traffic aid of sorts in the Gokaiger continuity.

The first five Megarangers after the defeat of Nejire graduated from high school.  It was a funny way to end it when they entered their graduation air-surfing!  For Yuusaku he may still be part of INET.

The Gingamen apparently stuck together even after Balban's defeat.

The Gogo Five siblings still do their rescue work even after the Saima Clan's defeat.


  1. Several things of corrections,
    Jetman- Gai Yuuki did not become commander as he did not see himself as a leader nor did he enjoy giving others orders. He must have got a job as a insurance sales person as he looks like the type and he is a smooth talker.
    Zyurangers- unlike Burai who is really dead in the underworld. The 5 is not going to heaven as a afterlife but maybe living in the same angelic colony as the Goseigers.

    Dairangers- we know what happens in episode 50, but seeing Kazu and Shouji together in the Gokaiger ending contradicts the fact that all 5 star warriors have not seen each other for 50 years!!!!

    Kakurangers- KAKURANGER Sean not Hurricanegers! After the weakest ending after a great series they went sell crepes.

    Megarangers-Kenta, who is as irresponsible as Riki Honoo is now a computer teacher?!?!


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