Where are the Super Sentai Teams Now in their Fictional Universe? (Part 3-2000s Era)

Except for Kyoryuger since it's still ongoing, let's get back to the 2000s era...

In Timeranger we have Yuuri, Ayase, Domon and Sion return back into the future after the final battle with Gien who was wired crazy.  So Tatsuya lives his own life, reconciles with his father and later meets doppelgangers of his friends including one who looks like the deceased Naoto.

After the Orgs were defeated, the Gaorangers went into their normal lives. Kakeru became a doctor again, Gaku went back to the military, Sae goes back to school.  For Shirogane, he had a hard time adjusting to his new era.

The Hurricangers and their allies the Goraigers later went back to the academy.  So it's confirmed they have graduated.  For Nanami what is known of her is that later she became a pop singer.

The Abarangers after defeating Evorian apparently still stuck together except for Asuka returning back to Dino Earth.  So Yukito still continues with his chiropractor job with the group as well, Ranru becomes a racer and Ryoga goes to America with Mai.  They have a reunion as well.

The Dekarangers still stuck together after defeating Abrella to take care of other cases.  Ban was last known to have been promoted to the Fire Squad for some reason so it's likely he'll become a commander in the near future and so will the others.  Hoji might even succeed Bunta.

The Magirangers are still together as a family.  What was known of Tsubasa is he became a boxer.

The Boukengers are still working together for SGS as of current.

The Gekirangers are still part of the SRCTC group.  Jan was seen last in Hong Kong training a group of children while the rest stayed behind the martial arts foundation.

The Go-ongers after Gaiarc's defeat went their separate ways but not for long.  So Sosuke was back to a go-kart due to his AWOL, Renn is back in the bus, Saki's working in a pastry shop, Gunpei's back to being a detective and Hant with odd jobs.  So they all got back together to battle Batcheed though!

The Shinkengers later parted ways after the destruction of Gedou.  Chiaki and Kotoha went back to College, Genta went to France to study cooking, Mako went to Hawaii, Ryunosuke went back to being a kabuki and for Takeru, he's still guarding Japan.

The Goseigers later went back to Gosei World.

The Gokaigers went to destroy the remains of the Zangyack Empire and Gai Ikari went with them.

The Gobusters went back to their regular lives after Enter was destroyed permanently.  Youko went back to high school, Ryuji went back to engineering and Hiromu is back with his sister.


  1. Hurricanegers- like the Gouraigers, most of the Hurricanegers have odd jobs like Kouta is a orderly, and Yousuke is a construction worker.

    Abarerangers- Yukito did more then continue with his trade he married Emiri. What he ever saw in her as he is so arrogant and his personality is too stuck up could never engage into a relationship as bubbly as Emiri.

    Gobuster- since Youko is 18 and since episode 1 she is a Gobusters. Would she not have already graduated highschool inorder to be a Gobuster. The most logical conclusion is she finally goes to college.

  2. Sean, in Shinkenger neither Chiaki nor Kotoha went back to college. They weren't even in college. Kotoha went back to Kyoto to take care of her sister, and Chiaki went back to being a freeter.

    And Cyber, Yoko is 16, and was 16 at the start of the series.

  3. People assume that Chiaki went to college because Ryunosuke told him to study for his entrance exams, but it's just that, Ryunosuke said it - Chiaki said he doesn't know what to do with himself and is thinking of travel like Genta. Kotoha is generally assumed by fandom to be younger than Chiaki which means that she wouldn't be college-aged yet.

    Yoko is 16 at the beginning of Go-Busters and has her 17th birthday during the show, towards the end of the show she and Ryuji were discussing her going to high school and that's what we see at the end.

    1. I am counting on the actual actress birthday 18 at that time. And I think it was sloppy writing via education and career. She should have just graduated and was fighting Varglass fulltime.


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