What's the Rule of Thumb of Secret Identities in Super Sentai?

While the idea of secret identities aren't really that emphasized in Super Sentai, however it could be possible that there's this "rule of thumb" about one's secret identity. And here are the instances of that rule implemented:

In Chodenshi Bioman in episode 13 "Jun", Jun had to hide her identity as Shiro instructed them that not even their families and friends can know they are Biomen. However later on, some civilians knew of their identities like Dr. Man's son Shuichi or Shota Yamamori in episodes 35-36 when he wanted to join the Biomen. But that rule doesn't seem to be strictly used.

In Kosoku Sentai Turboranger being the first team of teenagers, they always tried to hide their identity presumably Dr. Dazai told them to do so. Well maybe behind the scenes Dr. Dazai said, "First your Turbo Bracelets aren't toys, use only your powers when necessary and third you must not let anybody know you are a Turboranger." Later on, Misa Yamaguchi discovered their identities and encouraged the Turborangers to fight on!

The Fivemen kept their identities hidden from the students presumably to keep them safe from Silver Imperial Army Zone. However in the finale, their identtieis were revealed.

In Chojin Sentai Jetman, I don't know how it works but it seems Commander Aya told her new team never to let anybody know they are Jetmen except their associates. However Ako had one friend named Kyoko who was allowed to know of her identity but may have been asked to keep Ako's secret. Possibly, they had the Gatchaman rule of thumb in here considering this season was a Gatchaman tribute in many ways.

In Gekisou Sentai Carranger, well the same rule of thumb got dragged all the way from Turboranger up to this show. The Carrangers' identities were so well hidden that even the Bowzock didn't know about it. Just think, Zonette doesn't even know that the monkey face Kyousuke is the Red Racer she is smitten with until later in the series. Signalman doesn't even know that the "unremarkable civilians" are indeed the Carrangers.

In Denji Sentai Megaranger, they are the second team of teenagers to be recruited. Apparently Dr. Kubota gave them the same rules as the Turborangers. Makes sense like the Turborangers since they're too young to handle dangerous weapons! In this case, even the villains didn't figure out their identities so easily since they would fight off the enemy, morph in secret then appear. But really, couldn't the Nezire figure that out?

In Gougou Sentai Boukenger, I could remember the hint when Sakura refused to reveal her identity as Bouken Pink to a kid, so perhaps SGS must have applied the same rule to them about revealing their identities to the public.

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September 24, 2015


  1. The Fiveman hid their identities from the children they taught at school. The kids discover their identities in the finale.

    The Carrangers had to hide their identities. Particularly from Ichitarou and his father. Ichitarou learns their identity in the finale.

    The Timerangers hid their identities. Particularly from Wataru and the City Guardians (until they got found out).

    The Gaorangers for the most part keep their identities secret. Particularly from the people who are most close to them.

    The Magirangers kept their identities secret. In fact, many people in the world of Magiranger at first believed the existence of the Magirangers to be an urban legend. Plus, MagiRed was unable to de-transform in front of his girlfriend for the sake of keeping his identity a secret.

    The Goseigers keep their identities secret. They do their best to make sure people are not aware of their existence. Nozomu being an exception.

    1. Hey! Thanks for adding up this list Fantasy Leader. Well it's been some time since we exchanged comments like this. =)

  2. Hurricanger as well. They had a sort of robots to erase people's memory.

  3. I might be wrong but didn't the characters from battle fever J try to keep their identities a secret as well?


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