Kyoryuger on My Birthday

Well it's my birthday today and the Kyoryugers have just timed to give a present to me and all those who are celebrating their birthday with me today.  So I guess for all Sentai fans with the same birthday as I do, it's been a nice present for everyone.  And also thanks to all my supporters for helping me reach the 1,000,000th mark but I hope you will check out my other blogs like the the Oriental Fanatics Celebs where I'll be putting all your favorite Henshin actors and actresses instead of this blog.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. Your birthday falls in Febuary, on third week, so I think you have always celebrated your birthday with Super Sentai, because all sentai starts in this week, right? I am so jealous, hehe.

    By the way, which Super Sentai series is as old as you?
    Mine is Fiveman, we born in 1990


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