Sentai and Animal Themes

Super Sentai so far has animal themes real or not, most of them are usually referential to them one way or another like:

Note: There are mistakes so I'm open to corrections. My mind has gotten pretty crowded. :-P

Sun Vulcan was the first to use animal themes namely eagle (red), shark (blue) and panther (yellow) in relation to their attack patterns. Vul Shark was one to be closest to his animal being water. However no animal related mecha was used yet.
The Changemen used mythological animals as its motiff although not in its mecha. So far only Change Dragon's animal speaks for itself with his personality.
Liveman was the first to use animal based mecha. Somehow the animals didn't only match their styles but also their personalities. For example, Red Falcon like his namesake has slashing skills, Yellow Lion uses lion-like attacks, Blue Dolphin is an expert in aquatics, Green Rhino and Black Bison are expert in ramming attacks.
In Jetman, the five birds somewhat represent appearances as well as for some- personality. Red Hawk naturally represents leadership, Black Condor has the sneakiness of a condor, Yellow Owl well he's an expert in nature and the eyeglasses make a reference, White Swan is good with the arts and Blue Swallow- well being the youngest doesn't mean she's not smart!
Zyuranger used dinosaur based themes so we don't exactly know much about personalities. So I think Tyranoranger represents leadership, Mammothranger represents strength and Tigerranger's fighting style refers to his guardian beast.
The Dairangers use mythical animals in all of them except Shishiranger and Kibaranger. However the only animal that matches their personalities so far are Ryuranger being a fiery fighter and Hououranger being elusive as a phoenix.
Kakurangers' animals for some reason don't represent much of their personalities but rather their fighting styles.
The Gingamen's animals do somewhat speak for themselves- Gingared's lion represents leadership, Gingagreen's dragon represents power, Gingablue's gorilla represents strength, Gingayellow's wolf somewhat represents his slyness and Gingapink's cat- well her fighting style.
The Gaorangers' first five initial power animals do somewhat some speaking- Gaored as a lion represents leadership, Gaoyellow well it's not surprising he's got the eagle because he's a pilot, Gaoblue's shark kind of represents water, Gaoblack's bison represents strength, Gaopink's tiger is seen in her normal fighting style and Gaosilver's wolf represents his hunting abilities.
Well the first three members have animal based mecha that speak for their attributes- Ninjared would be a falcon having the power of air, Ninjablue with the dolphin for water and Ninjayellow with the lion for land. As for the Goraigers I think the beetles represent a stubborn attitude.

The Abarangers use more of the dinosaur concept than Zyuranger did.  
The Gekirangers' animals represent their martial arts styles.
The Go-onger's animal themes are fused with vehicles for certain attributes.
Shinkenger's animals that I need to further understand- I don't see much correlation between their animals and personalities compared to the elemental powers they unleash.

The Goseigers also used animal themes.

Updated: September 9, 2011


  1. I'm not into Sentai as much as I used to, but I think Go-Onger did the best job in relating animals with the show. Too bad it resembled Liveman too much

  2. an animal theme, for me, will be special if the rangers habe their own fighting skill. I think gaoranger has presented the best, e.g., yellow ranger has eagle power that he can fly, blue ranger has shark power that he can swim, black ranger with bison power that he becomes the strongest, and white ranger has tiger power that her fighting skill seem like kungfu.

  3. You forget Abaranger and Magirangers for animal based sentai.


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