Swan Shiratori: The Swan's A Genius

The polls are almost closed and as the science rush is about to end, I really find out that most of those who voted have put Swan to a big lead. Now I believe it's time to really write something about this alien from Chinyo on her scientific career. Let's get on to it.

Swan Shiratori herself has been assigned to the Earth branch of the Special Police Dekaranger and she's been the one designing their mecha, modifying their mecha and in charge of the technical side of the base. She apparently had feelings for Doggie Cruger and vice versa, a plot not taken too far probably due to complaints. She was also the first female scientist/commander to have a ranger form although her fighting abilities may pale to Aya Ogadiri of Jetman.

She has been shown like Doggie Cruger to be both caring and severe to the Dekarangers at times. She has been seen to be able to decipher through the toughest of situations and it's suggestive that she may have had personally traned Hoji Tomasu himself. She's also been known to get into trouble and at one point, Doggie Cruger executed awesome moves to save her from an army of Batsuroids.

Her ability to become a ranger known as Dekaswan is apparently only allowed once every four years. However when the base was attacked by Agent Aburera, she attempted to do so but failed. She however ended up surviving in the tough battle at the Dekabase that nearly killed them all.