Jetman Mecha

I have to be quite rude not to make an entry on Jetman's mecha. :-(

After all, it was the 90s sentai that managed not only to pay tribute to Gatchaman but also to "fodder" into other sentai more ideas that kept it fresh (despite the apparent lack of action scenes later). It was also my favorite 90s sentai with its rather fresh start and deeper character relations (Maskman came close though :-P).

The Jet Birds:
Ah yes those magnificent Jet Birds. They were created by Skyforce to help defend the Earth from the Vyram and are powered by birdonic energy, probably an alien form of energy.

So far the one that was most unique was the Jet Owl because it was able to lift up heavy rocks and the Jet Swallow with its wing attack which personally was my favorite aside from my crush on Ako Hayasaka back then. They were the first set of mecha to assemble into...

the powerful Icarus Haken. This was a tribute to the second God Phoenix in Gatchaman II as well as the Gatchaspartan in Gatchaman F (and Radiguet was a tribute to the genocidal Count Egobossler no doubt).

The Jet Icarus.  I pretty thought that it had the most number of robot weapons to date.  I just also loved its Shot Puncher weapon.  Its finishing move the Birdonic Saber somewhat paid tribute to Hikari Sentai Maskman's Great Five's Final Aura Burst.

Bird Garuda was however not created by them. It was built by an alien race known as Dimensians who all got killed :-(. Rey, Kanna and Dan were the last three of the race and were finished off.  I thought it was nice to have the robot built based on Indian mythology's Garuda, an anthropomorphic bird that helped Vishnu.  While it didn't show its finishing move during its first appearance, it did however after the debut of Great Icarus which I thought was a flaw in the show. :)

 However it was reconfigured to combine with Jet Icarus into the...

Great Icarus. Unlike Super Turbo Robo in Turboranger that went too big, this was just the right size. However it's bulkier than Fiveman's Super Five Robo and looking greater. The finisher move reminds me too much of Mazinger Z's Breast Fire attack.  I thought that this is one of the most awesome combinations ever.

This was really the COOLEST Sentai fighter ever. Too bad this was only used once to finish of the combined form of Ramu and Gogu.

Eventually the third robot called Tetraboy was created. It had no pilot whatsoever. Instead it was given AI but it wasn't given much of a personality as it can't talk although it can see and feel. This gave birth to more AI robots but none seem to match his fierce fighting style. It also transformed into...

Tetrabuster. This weapon really fired a huge load of missiles.

Unfortunately they were all destroyed in the final battle against Radiguet but a new set was probably created later. For more destroyed mecha before and after Jetman, click here.