Sentai Karts for the Red Rangers Only

Super Sentai had some of its karts which were for the red rangers. I think some of them did hold a specific purpose, others just built for that way. Either way I'd like to talk about them.
Maskman's Spin Cruiser was developed for a good reason- to save a boy and his father trapped in a vortex warp created by Capilla Dobler. It was the only arsenal they had that could save them.
Turboranger's Turbo Attacker was simply an alternate vehicle in Turboranger for Red Turbo, a concept later ported into Carranger. It didn't have much of a storyline though. It was imfamously used against Racer Bouma in a rather epic duel.
The last but not the least, the Jet Striker in Jetman. Its true nature wasn't revealed until Kaori Rokumekan, Ako Hayasaka and Raita Ooshi were trapped by Camera Jigen and its alternate mode as the Fire Bazooka was the only one that could save them. Towards the end of the series, Radiguet destroyed it overpowering the Fire Bazooka's blast.


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