Sentai's Most Brutal One-on-One Final Duels

Sentai really had some final one-on-one duels that would have really killed anybody in the real life. These scenes are wehre the injuries are sustained not by just one but two characters in a severe exchange of blows.

Here are the following final duels that were really too brutal:
I think Flashman's duel between Red Flash and Kaura deserves first place. It was really the one that put a lot of injury between the two of them. Looking at all the violence in it, it could have really killed them both in a draw.  It's weird how Kaura survived that ordeal though before he died at the end of the episode.

The second one to really come close to the classic Flashman duel between Red Flash and Kaura has to be Boukenger's Bouken Red vs. Ryuon. The final battle took place at the musuem where Ryuon started using a LOT of Precious in the attempt to kill Bouken Red, it's hard to determine the outcome and well, the accelerator suit got damaged pretty badly during this battle. In fact, it ended with a draw when Bouken Red used Zubaan in sword mode to end the battle destroying the helmet of Ryuon.

Jetman's final (and dramatic) battle between Black Condor and Gure shakes the bones. In fact, here Black Condor's suit sustains so much damage that his visor is broken and on the other hand, Gure even lost an arm in this battle too. Black Condor manages to use Gure's rifle against him and delivering the final blow. However Gure like Kaura doesn't explode. However the whole scene here is that Gure lost his will to live and wanted to die a warrior's death like Bubba did in Changeman against Change Dragon.  Black Condor nearly died in this battle, foreshadowing his death perhaps.

Boukenger's final battle between Bouken Black and Yaiba is classic. However I find it not as intense as rest but it's still worth mentioning. However the rivalry here has a more intense feeling than it did with Black Condor and Gure since it was at a really personal level and Yaiba is NO noble villain.

Shinken Red and Juzo's final battle.  It's in fact a pretty intense battle of swords too.


  1. Your missing a whole lot more Brutal Duels. The one with Red Turbo vs. Dr. Rehda. Tyrano Ranger vs. Dragon Ranger and Ryo vs. Matoba Jin!!!


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