Sentai and Psychological Warfare

Sentai whether old or new also had times when both heroes and villains engage in psychological warfare. Psychological warfare is a battle of the minds that reduce the use of physical strength and focus more on brain power. How does this work? Here are some of the most common:
There's the appeal of pride. My favorite example is how Zonos takes too much pride in his beautiful voice that he considers Yuuma/Change Pegasus' horrible singing a pain to him. It's what really saved the day. :-P
Disgusies are another. Most of those who mastered disguises are the women themselves although the men did participate (but under their instruction) in this kind of warfare. Both heroes and villains have practiced this art but usually perfected by women (men do more rough work than women do).
Exploitation of hidden weaknesses is another. Perhaps the most infamous example was when the Jetmen's weaknesses emerged thanks to the Vending Machine Jigen. It literally put them against each other during that time.
Exploitation of the hero's feelings. I just can't forget how Shingo/Green 2 was easily tricked into believing he killed the boy's father (but it was just dumb for him to think like that for a grown up, humans DON'T explode) and was put to doubt.
When a love story happens, well the enemies do use the boyfriends/girlfriends of the sentai rangers to try and get them killed too.
We also have the kind of warfare some villains use where they appeal to the pride of the heroes which existed in them prior to being heroes.
And lastly I'd like to mention how villains take advantage of mankind's recklessness and evil to discourage the heroes from doing their job.