What Are Super Sentai Suits Made Of?

Image taken from Shogo B'Stard's similar post which I hope I can expand on....

Whether it's new Super Sentai or Power Rangers, there's always where I couldn't help but laugh, "Hmmm how do those rangers survive in their spandex?" Most of the time, the show tends to fail to explain what material they are made of and it may vary from show to show. Looking at the top most image, one can see that Super Sentai suits aren't really spandex on paper just as rubber monsters don't have rubber for skin script-wise.

Another picture by Shogo (above) also reveals what might be the blueprints of the Changeman suits. I haven't seen much of Changeman nor Flashman to actually make a clearer judgment. Looking at the pictures Shogo has shared from his blog, it can be seen that apparently, most Super Sentai suits are made of spandex (costume-wise) but indeed, they are really made of some fictitious metal or mystical cloth (for some) explaining why sparks fly out whenever a ranger is hit.

This picture is from a Jetman Encylopedia where it explains Jetman's suits. For some reason, it looks like a lot of Super Sentai shows fail to explain the properties of the Super Sentai suits. Birdonic tissues may refer to some fictitious metal only existent in Jetman's storyline but not in the rest. So there's some invisible barrier and two, the Birdonic tissue allows enhancement of normal abilities like most Super Sentai spandex suits allow.

In Dekaranger, the suits are confirmed to be made of Dekametal which is transmitted to the Dekarangers, Space Sheriff style. But unlike the Space Sheriff suits, they are less metallic looking and appear to be more flexible. 

What about the non-technologically based? That thought also hit my head with Ninninger so what in the world are their suits made of it it's not metal? My only joke is that other Super Sentai suits are made from some unknown mystical material or metal considering that slashing them allows sparks to exist. So what are the other Super Sentai suits made up of anyway? I guess we'll never know.

Just to close, next time you're told that the Super Sentai suits are spandex in-script, just remember what Dr. K said in Power Rangers RPM... THAT'S NOT SPANDEX!!!!!


  1. I remember it is explained out of series, in materials like Televi-Kun (or Televi-Land magazine (i remember that it was said that Maskman suits were made of Aura Metal, Dairanger suits were made of Dai Fiber and Dai Metal, Ohranger's Kingranger's suit was made of a metal fiber called Kaiser Metal (and the main team of Ohranger have their suits made of a "special cermet (composite metal made of ceramic and metal) fiber")


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