I Still Find Ninninger Pretty Entertaining So I Look Forward To Every New Episode...

So some of you may say I'm too backwards because I prefer the older Super Sentai series but as said, it doesn't mean I'm not open towards modernization and I can't enjoy a new seriers. It's not modernization that's the problem but it's the writing style and quality. Like ToQGer could have been a good series but IMO, assigning a burnt out Yasuko Kobayashi instead of Naruhisa Arakawa (or any new writer) was a terrible mistake. Now for Ninninger, one thing is certain, I still find the series to be pretty entertaining.

As much as I want to call Takaharu as Bakaharu because he's an idiot but I couldn't find him annoying. I'll admit, I may make fun of his idiocy but I find him to be "another Ban". I know I didn't immediately like Ban in Dekaranger but I warmed up to him, the same happened with Takaharu, I slowly warmed up to him considering the guy is not an attention grabber. Everyone in Ninninger is starting to show some signs of improvement, even the senile grandfather.

The whole crossover with Kamen Rider Drive was better done than the Ressha Sentai ToQGer vs. Kamen Rider Gaim. While I still prefer the Kamen Rider Decade vs. Samurai Sentai Shinkenger crossover (which is a name I cooked up for the two episodes in Decade), I thought that having Ninninger have a giant robot battle at the end of the film was something Decade's crossover with Shinkenger should have had. It was more entertaining than the previous one which made me sleep.

What I did like was that the Ninningers managed to finally learn something... when they created their own Ninja Allies to form a new robot that's MEGA HOT. Yup, Gekidatsu-Daioh is for me where the Ninningers actually developed. In Shinkenger, you had Genta creating his own mecha and Ryunosuke learning to combine Shinken-oh with the Tenkujin. Here, the six Ninningers managed to create their very own mecha.

If anything, Ninninger actually has a lot of good laughs for a series. Now I'd think Go-onger is funnier but come on, it doesn't mean I don't enjoy the funny stuff in Ninninger. Last week's episode was really unbelievably stupid that it was funny. Yakumo being lusted after by a monster was quite funny and how he beat her, it was really awesome.

Next week, I can't wait for the Jiraiya episode and I'll probably write a wacky entry in response.


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