My Personal Picks For Top Ten Hottest Super Sentai AND Power Rangers Hot Female Warriors!

While my comrades at JEFusion have shared this post on Watch Mojo's top ten Power Rangers girls and well, I'll just have to disagree at some points again. I thought just Super Sentai or just Power Rangers might be too easy but what if I decided to try something harder by picking from both but meanwhile, here's my list of attractive Super Sentai heroines who are just there in chronological order and not by the attractiveness scale. Now for my top ten list from bottom to top laced with some of my personal biases so don't hammer me okay?!


10. Natsumi Shinohara

 I thought that after watching Carranger, the real distraction IMO is not Zonette's cleavage (and I think Nostalgia Critic would say, "WTF... how could you?!") but Natsumi herself. Yeah I know she's pretty much a tomboy but in spite of her boyish behavior, I can't deny her natural beauty. Even if that two-piece scene never happened, I'd still be THAT distracted. IMO, she's hotter than Ashley Hammond and Cassie Chan for me. So what happened to Sakura in this list? Go figure.

9. Momoko (surname unknown)

Well it's surprising not to find Hikaru here. Well I'll admit, Hikaru might be my first crush but Momoko is prettier for me. Just watch out, she might be very pretty but she won't hesitate to step on your foot if you offend her.

8. Ranru Itsuki

I can't deny, she's a real looker in more than one level. But what I think about her as an ideal girlfriend is that she's headstrong and a smart girl and just reminds me of somebody who's got a lot of suitors but is still single at 30.

7. Kira Ford

So it's no secret I tend to have biases on Dino Thunder, I'd date Ranru over Kira but I find her more attractive. While I may not take her as an ideal date and Ranru wins against her personality-wise, she wins in the looks department. She would still do, though.

6. Gia Moran

Well people know how much I hate Megaforce but I'll admit, I ended up taking a liking out of most of its cast members, even Andrew Michael Gray who I first wanted to keep calling a robot. Well I got to admit that she may have dropped several ranks even if as I'll admit, I prefer the beauty of Western girls for most of my run (and ironically, I like eastern shows more), she deserves to be in the list. But strange enough, I'd date Kotoha over her.

5. Nanami Nono

Oh boy, where do I start? Whenever I think I put her in a list like this, I only think that Tori Hanson isn't so well-received by my peers for stupid reasons. Tori's an okay character. For her, I can't deny that she's REALLY that attractive. Though in my case, I imagined that the actress Nao Nagasawa as my missing older sister and accept that she's the sibling I'll never have. I guess she would have been the top one in this list for some people.

4. Marika "Jasmine" Reimon

For Jasmine, oh boy, I still can't forget Mr. Smith putting her on the top list. Can I blame the Jasmine fanboys? Nah, I think she's way hotter than her Power Rangers counterpart Elizabeth "Z" Delgado. I always said, "Man she's really pretty." every time I watched Dekaranger. I really can't blame those who put her over Kimberly like Mr. Smith do.

3.) Mako Shiraishi

Well here's another being liked for shallow and pitiful reasons. Okay she's a fan favorite and I guess, most of the Shinkengers are fan favorites, Kotoha is slightly less popular but has a fanbase. But Mako? Oh boy, it's so easy to like her for shallow and pitiful reasons (like Spike would). In fact, I still couldn't stop comparing her to Kimberly rather than any old school Sentai girls. In the case of Shinkenger, she gives me the highest hangover ever. If she's got any advantage, she's taller and thus she's more attractive to some fans. Sidenote, only if she did Kimberly's gag in the first episode of Mighty Morphin' at the end of Shinkenger.

2. Rin (surname unknown)

When it comes to her in Dairanger, I really would say she rivals Mako and Kimberly in the looks department. Heck, she's one reason why Mei isn't even in this list aside from those who are previously mentioned. She's pretty much a sweet person but as said, watch out! She'll easily go berserk when she's annoyed. I'll admit that unlike Mei in Zyuranger, I think she's a worthy contender against Kimberly in the looks department.

Drum role for number one...

1. Kimberly Hart

My extreme favoritism for the character is magnified right and she becomes the reason why I can't really hate Power Rangers even if I don't think or consider that I'm a fan of the franchise. Well I can understand if some people like Mei over her or find Mei more attractive than her as it's simply a choice. Me? I simply still find her all that pretty and for the 90s, I still think she's the most attractive girl among Super Sentai and Power Rangers girls during that era. I think her charm has made me like Mako for Shinkenger (as her replacement) and has made me detest Emma as a poor substitute no thanks to poor writing. Besides, I even still detest Power Rangers Zeo (and sorry fans) because of the Dear John letter that Douglas Sloan wrote signing her name on it. I'm glad The Richest gave her the spot she deserves in more than one level.

Which now I'd like to leave this teasing meme behind...

What's your top ten list?


  1. My list:
    1. Amy Yuuzuki/Kyoryu Pink (Kyoryuger)
    2. Kasumi Momochi/Momoninger (Ninninger)
    3. Ahim de Famille/Gokai Pink (Gokaiger)
    4. Yoko Usami/Yellow Buster (Go-Busters)
    4. Mio Natsume/ToQ #3 (ToQGer)
    6. Kendall Morgan/Dino Charge Purple (Dino Charge)
    7. Emma Goodall (Megaforce)
    8. Peggy Matsuyama/Momoranger (Goranger)
    9. Saki Ryoma/Go-On Yellow (Go-Onger)
    10. (tentative) Amu/Zyuoh Tiger (Zyuohger)

  2. 1.Mako shirashi ( Shinke pink ) ( Shinkeger)
    2.Koume koudo aka umeko ( deka pink )( dekaranger)
    3. Ahim de famille ( gokai pink )( gokaiger)
    4. Katherine hillard ( Mmpr pink 2 , zeo pink and turbo pink 1) ( mmpr, zeo and turbo
    5. Trini kwan ( mmpr yellow 1 )( mmpr
    6. Kendall morgan ( dino charge purple)( dino charge and dino super charge)
    7. Emma gooall ( pink megaforce and pink supermegaforce )( megaforce and super megaforce)
    8. Juri nijou ( oh yellow)( ohranger)
    9.Maya ( galaxy yellow )( lost galaxy)
    10. Reimon marika aka jasmine ( deka yellow )( dekaranger)


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