Ninninger May Not Have Its Own Timeline!

While watching Ninninger and expecting it to be its own timeline, I just gave a thought that perhaps like Gokaiger, it belongs to the VS. Continuity rather than its own continuity. So why am I making this stand? Here's what's happening in the series, and if you think that a Super Sentai timeline is possible, you should watch more of the 80s Super Sentai which will make things obvious that there is no Super Sentai timeline.

The first instance was the guest-starring of both Sasuke (Kakuranger) and Yousuke (Hurricanger) as themselves, rather than the actors guesting as another character. I mean, if you remember, we see Super Sentai cast members coming back as different characters after their respective roles are over. But here, they came back as their previous roles. Common sense will tell us that if Super Sentai had a timeline, there's a lot to account for and the series will have to explain a lot of plotholes like, "Why didn't the ninjas and samurais of the past ever speak of Bio Robo?" While Gokaiger tries to fit its predecessors in one timeline, a lot of events can contradict it like how could Zangyack survive, wouldn't Zone or Vyram have destroyed them years ago would need to be asked or, "Why didn't Bio Robo activate during Goranger's time?" would be another good question. The answer is clearly stated that Gokaiger belongs to the VS. Continuity, every Super Sentai series is their own continuity. There's no way to reconcile Zyuranger, Abaranger and Kyoryuger without otherwise making a series of what ifs and putting them in the VS. Timeline.

With Jiraiya appeared in a future episode and well, I don't know ANYTHING about that show but I'd like to give it a watch, it's obvious that Ninninger may not be taking place in its own standalone continuity. If you saw Super Hero Taisen Z, you have more than just Super Sentai and Kamen Riders but you also have other Tokusatsu heroes like the Space Sheriffs and Metal Heroes. While in reality, most of the shows like the Super Robot series (ex. Combattler V, Voltes V, Daimos, Golion, Dairugger XV) are standalone to each other for obvious reasons, Ninninger tries to incorporate not just Kakuranger and Hurricanger but also, a very classic show Jiraiya which makes me think, "I WANT TO SEE JIRAIYA!!!!!"


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