My On/Off Desire To Collect Them Super Sentai Toys!

Well it's time for some nostalgia and yes, I am feeling old (I am after all, thirty years old) but not any wiser or am I feeling wiser? So I did learn some things about what not to do (thanks to some critics), I would also want to take a bit of flashback. Now it's time for a bit of a flashback or a huge flashback, depending on how much my mind allows me to remember and pour out.. here goes nothing...

I always thought of the time that I envied others for the toys they had. I remembered the time I envied somebody having a toy Dino Megazord and I didn't really have any expensive toys and I was just some foolish kid trying to fit in. As much as I watched some available Super Sentai, Power Rangers or Kamen Rider on broadcast I was more into reading books than comics, I did have a few toys, I remembered playing the Zyuranger game on the Family Computer thinking it was Power Rangers, later I would play other Power Rangers games on the Playstation... but I always had my desire to actually get some Super Sentai toys!

After I hit thirteen years old and the last set of toys I had were Dragon Ball Z toys, I secretly still wanted to get at least one or two. So I decided I can watch Super Sentai or any Tokusatsu, be a casual fan and not buy any toys. Later at fifteen, I always thought about the time I discovered more about Super Sentai whether it was more of the pre-Zyuranger era or the post-Jetman era, I soon thought that I still wanted to get at least a few of the toys for the sake of displaying them.

Watching Akibaranger made me want to get those toys after I saw the toys that were on display. I may be nowhere near Nobuo Akagi and Gai Ikari in the fandom but it doesn't mean I wouldn't watch some Tokusatsu in general. Watching that show, it made me think I wanted to get not just one or two but ALL the Super Sentai toys with my own money. Later I thought I'd just drop it but then, I find myself still wanting to get at least one or two Super Sentai toys then I would drop the thought again.


  1. To be a true toku fan, besides the episodes there are the toys.
    My brother who is now 29 has started collecting Sentai deluxe robots and it started with Gokaigers. Now with my help, I got him the complete Zyurangers line starting with Dragon Caeser.
    Now the Dairanger line is coming out soon that will be a highlight.

    P.S.they are the Power Ranger Legacy line and the decals are official and does not have the Thunder emblem synonymous with Saban.


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