I'm More Into Kamen Rider Than Super Sentai As Of Late

Pardon my use of this picture but I always found myself startled even by my own current set of preferences. As a child, I'll confess that I was more fond of solo heroes like Kamen Rider Black, Gavan and Shaider than I was with Super Sentai and Power Rangers. Sideline, I was more fond of the Spiderman animated series than I was of the X-Men and some years later, my opinions changed again and I have returned to my old opinion.

The experience was really weird for me especially with how I didn't really care too much about Tokusatsu in general due to other stuff then I would return to it. After I returned to watching Super Sentai (and in extension, Power Rangers) I soon thought I had abandoned Kamen Rider but I was so wrong. Maybe I was too used to seeing Kamen Rider villains with their plain absurd, convoluted and/or unbelievable plots which were Super Sentai's fodder. I didn't immediately like the format that the Heisei Riders took such as the TV drama format, the monster didn't get its just desserts at the end of the episode, etc. but later on, I would embrace those changes after a short while.

What may have restored my interest with Kamen Rider was the Shinkenger/Decade crossover. Later on, I would end up thinking that the recent Kamen Rider seasons are better than the newer Super Sentai seasons. True I am enjoying Ninninger's humor along with its crossover with Kamen Rider Drive but I thought as of late, Kamen Rider has been better. My reasons may be because Kamen Rider has a more "direct" writing style (more plot-oriented writing for me) while Super Sentai tends to have more fillers as of late.

Kamen Rider had helped me cope up with some Super Sentai seasons that I felt like weren't really so good for me. While I've started out as a closer Gobusters fan but Kamen Rider Fourze for me was a better-tasting cup of tea followed by Kamen Rider Gaim, Kamen Rider Drive and lately Kamen Rider Ghost. I felt ToQGer for me wasn't really good (sorry fans) but Kamen Rider Gaim has a better appeal to me. Kamen Rider Drive for me was an exciting season. I'm even more excited for the next Kamen Rider Ghost episode than I am for the next episode of Ninninger.

Meanwhile, I could just imagine Sheen Estevez now making Kamen Rider stuff mandatory in the place of Ultralord tattoos... =P


  1. glad you like kamen rider more sean been reading your blog for years now glad you found your thing

    1. I started liking Kamen Rider more again after Gokaiger. I thought Gobusters and beyond isn't as good as the newer Kamen Rider. But I may not write a Kamen Rider blog soon considering I haven't seen much of Showa yet.

    2. i just started watching maskman at ep 30 now really enjoying it goin to work my up to the new stuff and i when i am done i am gonna check out kamen rider more and metal heros

  2. For me, when Kamen Rider returned in 2000 with Kuuga Time Ranger almost did not matter.

    But then again, we had several dud Rider series that came and went and 2007 was for me 100% Super Sentai as Dumb-Oh really could not motivate me. I am a hard core Rider fan but the basic formula of ,gloominess, violence, and tragic stories is fading away starting with OOOs. It is amazing we now have 16 series of the current show besides the Showa Riders. I still follow Rider but not like I use to.


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