I Just Started Watching Gogo V, Subbed By Another Imagination Station!

Well it's finally here, Gogo-Five subs have finally been released. So it's the first 25 episodes plus the movie has been released after a long time of wait. I'll admit I was really getting impatient in more than one level after I heard the announcement and finally, it's here and I'd say that even in just three episodes, I find myself wanting to see more of it. Prior to its release, I had a funny dream TV-5 aired and bastardized Gogo-Five before I saw the announcement. FUNNY!

Gogo Five presents the first train mecha in Super Sentai which serves as some kind of transportation fortress. The mecha is brought into battle in a way like the Victory Trailer in Carranger. In this one, the train houses the components of the Victory Robo which combine in an atypical way.

In a way, Gogo Five tries to add some "touch of reality" with how the mecha is formed. First, they are brought in by trains, launched out and then, they had to be carried before the Victory Robo is ever formed. I know it's odd but I guess producers wanted it to look "authentic" because it's a rescue show. Technically, I already saw the mecha formation from playing the Lightspeed Rescue video game back then and even after I'm done with this show, I'll watch more of the Power Rangers counterpart for the sake of making a good comparison.

Carranger during its second half featured the VRV Machines which was used for rescue operations and they could turn humanoid. Although Carranger was not a rescue oriented show, the VRV Robo was in fact used for rescue operations as well. So I guess Toei was trying to test out a formula to see how it would do. After that, we had Megaranger and Gingaman that while superhero teams rescue people in general but none of them really have much of a rescue theme in them. You can have them fighting off the bad guys while somebody calls the ambulance.

Which reminds me, do you remember that Toei in the 90s also had Winspector, Solbrain and Exceedraft which these shows however did not feature a main villain? In 1993, there was also the addition of Janperson as a Robocop-style hero who while dealing with sci-fi based villains, didn't really fight a monster of the week. Meanwhile, this series tries to incorporate the rescue theme into Super Sentai and I can't wait to see more of it.


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