My Picks for Weirdest Sentai Robot Weapon Placements

Super Sentai is known for having weird ideas.  Now for weird robot weapon placement:

Galaxy Robo's Double Vulcan.  Well we do have the whole tit guns are exhaust pipes but I wonder what was inside Professor Yamagata's head when he designed the robot?  But funny I won't mind another tit guns robot again.

Daigoyou's disc shooter location.  Of all places it is almost at the crotch.  Hee hee.  I laughed whenever Daigoyou fired his discs.  Funnier, to activate it you pulled that switch from his butt.

Toq-Oh's Toq Boner- Really what has Toei gotten into with this one?  It was used to escape from the coffin they were trapped in though and fortunately it wasn't a finishing move and the boner's location returned back to its chest.


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