The Bio Electrons in Bioman Prior to the Super Electron

In Bioman, what made the show unique aside from the Beastnoids that didn't die prior to the giant battle thus making an absence of human-sized monsters that were enlarged, here are the Bio electron techniques.  These techniques were used to beat the Beastnoid of the week.  All these were before the upgrade arc in Bioman and most of them were simply used to send the enemy away, and some of them may not even kill a human sized monster.

Bio Miracle Laser- This was first featured in the first episode.  The Biomen draw their swords and fire a laser that somehow sends the enemy away which was first done against Messerjuu.  This was used later against Aquagaiger (twice), Mettlzer (twice) and once again on Messerjuu.  This was possibly used as the Lightning Wave attack in Kakuranger.

Bio Revolver- This was only used in episode two against Psygorn.  I thought this was an interesting technique but I guess it didn't receive much praise so it was only used once.  I would want to even think that his technique was later revised in Ohranger with the Dynamite Tackle.

The Bio Burn Bar- This was used only in episode three against Juuoh.  A slight variation existed in the Bioman movie.  Pretty cool actually.  This could have been used in Bioman 28 and in Bioman 31 but sadly none.

The Bio Circus Loop- This was a move used in episode four of Bioman.  This was used against Mettzler as a 'finishing move' and later when Mettlzer got upgraded, as a counterattack used against him again.

The Bio Electron Beam- This was firing all five pistols together at the enemy.  Pretty cool technique.  It was first use against Juuoh (but only used aganst him once) while most of those who got hit by this were Mettlzer (twice), Psygorn (thrice though the third hit was when he was upgraded and failed) and Messerjuu (twice).  Later it was used as a counterattack against an upgraded Psygorn twice.  In Chojin Sentai Jetman, the Bird Bomber is probably a tribute to this move.

Bio Super Electron- Well this was some "alternative" to the Bio Electron Beam.  It was first used against Messerjuu then later it was used against Aquagaiger (once) and Mettlzer (once).  I thought this wasn't all that impressive either.

Bio Big Bow- Well I used to compare this to the Power Blaster of MMPR (Howling Cannon of Zyuranger) hee hee.  I thought this technique kind of was a tribute to Jun's appearing.  It was first used against Messerjuu then later against Juuoh (once), Aquagaiger (once) and Juuoh (once).  Liveman and Zyuranger later used a similar attack except they combined their weapons.


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