Goofiest Super Sentai Villain Plots IMO

I've read an entry on goofiest Power Rangers villain plots, here are some in my opinion only. Note goofy doesn't always mean ineffective.

In Maskman episode five, Skull Doubler swapped people's heads to cause confusion.

In Turboranger episode 32 (if you don't count the special), Noppera Bouma switched the faces of Youhei and a boy.

In Fiveman we had episode 4 as the goofiest plot ever- get everybody drunk. In episode 36, Chevalier created Catfish-Scorpion Jin to swap the bodies of people with whatever living organism they could find.

In Jetman episode 10, Tran used cup noodles to make people violent. It was a pretty comical episode for a serious series. Noodle Jigen pretended to be a god of ramen and used Tatsuya to create a popular noodle brand.

In Jetman episode 15, Maria plotted to steal women's voices to become a sonic weapon. I personally found it very funny at the same time, pretty effective.

In Jetman episode 39, Sniper Cat turned Ryu, Raita, Kaori and Ako into chess pieces. We never got to see his sniper ability used more than that.

In Zyuranger episode 17, Dora Pixie made anyone fall in love with anything in sight.

In Dairanger episode 12, Tofu Hermit used sake-laced tofu to get people drunk.

In Ohranger episode 11, Bara Printer made people fall in love with appliances.

Atukagami was created when Shizuka was clumsy enough to disrupt Gekkou's spell. The result was this stupid monster. Like Trash Jigen, he was made from trash and hated by the female villain. Like Dryer Jigen, he was an outcast and lived to tell the tale.

In Shinkenger Act 27, the plot of the Gedoushu to switch people's lives with inanimate objects was so goofy. Genta was in the worst spot as he was almost eaten.

In Goseiger epic 26, Hitto of the Tenga tried to remove laughter from the world.

Have any opinions? Let me know!


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