Is This Promotion of Shinkenger vs. Goseiger Real or Not?

I found this picture from Toku Insider. So I kind of thought that this could be real. And well, I can't wait to think how this crossover will turn out. Well, I thought of it though that it would be interesting to see a lighter series cross over with a darker series yet again. Looks like the Goseiger vs. Shinkenger crossover will happen after all.

Also, remember that the Goseigers made a cameo in Shinkenger vs. Go-onger.

Well what are these two red rangers waiting for? By the way Take-chan, I wonder if you'll fly here in the Philippines to get a lucky girl?!


  1. The rumor is that Shinken Red would be manipulated/brainwashed by a Gedoushuu remnant to attack Gosei Knight. That's the current situation so far we know.

    When is it going to air?

  2. This is real Sean. That's a picture of a magazine scan you've got there. ;)

  3. When is it going to air? The 30th of February i.e. never. It's out in Japanese cinemas on January 22nd 2011. And Goseiger vs Shinkenger was never in doubt. It's Goukaiger vs Goseiger that probably won't happen, because Goukaiger is an anniversary and will have a vs Super Sentai instead if Gaoranger and Boukenger are anything to go by.

    Goseiger vs Shinkenger website:


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