Some Villains Who'll Most Likely Use Trick or Treaters For Their Schemes

Okay Super Sentai didn't have any Halloween special (and I don't mind really). So I decided to create a list of Sentai villains who'll most likely use trick or treaters for their evil schemes and how I think they'll turn out to be:

The Gear Empire- Well either Mason or Farrah will do the job, but I'd go for Farrah. They will kidnap human children and probably mechanize them. Mechaclones are good too.

Ragorn- Well he could actually use the children's covetous nature to empower him.

The Vyram- Well, insert dimension bugs into children's bags or grinam seeds for a treat. Radiguet can create parasitic organisms to control children and eventually destroy tehm.

Majo Bandora- Well she does hate children doesn't she? She could actually start feeding children with dangerous candy. Hmmm... candy that will turn them into golems or whatever?! Well you imagine it.

The Gorma Emperor- He could actually order Akomaru around for some scheme to lure children into a trap.

Daimaou- Well that may be his lucky night. He could start using them to empower himself.

Agent Abrella- He can start kidnapping children for a huge ransom.

N-Ma- After all, he's the lord of Infershia isn't he?

Anybody from the Negative Syndicate in Boukenger. In my imagination, Dark Shadow could have used Halloween during the pied piper episode to get the children they need. For the Questers, Ryuon or Gaja, they can do something else like hostage maybe? Gaja can put the karth pieces into their bags to kidnap them. Ryuon, well he can fool them with candy that will turn children into Jaryuu.

Long- He could start feeding the children some negative energy, turning them into his slaves.

Akumaro- He could have used Halloween to kidnap children and make them cry by eating up all their candy.

Doukoku- He could actually use trick or treating to scare children to use them to raise the levels of dark water.

Makuin well, I believe it's self explanatory.