Dubbing Sentai vs. Subbing Sentai: The Pros and Cons

To dub or to sub? That is the question. Hee hee. I'm starting to sound like Shakespeare. I'll admit I like William Shakespeare's books. So I'd like to list some of the advantages and disadvantages of dubbing and subbing for TV or DVD.

Note: I think Sentai that's planned to be shipped to the U.S. should just be released for DVD immediately, never mind the TV. Saban should start with Shinkenger's dubbing/subbing. Not all Sentai can click with America. Yup that's that!

I. Dubbing

  • No need to strain our eyes reading subtitles (for people with poor eyesight like me, I'm wearing glasses whenever I read subs).
  • Removal of inappropriate language and names (ex. Dragon Ball's Hercule was originally Mr. Satan).
  • For Americans, maybe Power Rangers fans will hear their favorite cast members like for example, Jason David Frank dub certain characters or Barbara Goodson dub Bandora. Or maybe, Saban's new cast dub Shinkenger.
  • Inaccuracy tends to happen most of the time.
  • Some voice actors are terrible.
  • Some people think their country is murdering the show. Why I don't know why some Americans hate dubs.

II. Subbing

  • You get to hear the real thing baby!
  • Some people have very bad eyesight... sad but true.
  • You'll get to hear some bad words for some. Toei needs to be careful.
  • Some subbers are just plain dumb and are inaccurate.

In an East and West perspective, looks like there's a LOT to think about especially how Super Sentai's getting less violent thanks to the existence of Power Rangers (Dairanger was just plain too mature for younger fans). Toei needs to be careful with its mistakes in the past and perhaps, do a little doctoring if need be.


  1. I'm kinda split when it comes to anime, but when it comes to live-action tokusatsu, I'm into subs one hundred percent.

  2. Like I said before, I don't really care whether Sentai will be dubbed or subbed in the future. Just long as somebody other than 4Kids does the dubbing job, lots of people will like it.

  3. Dubbing a sentai to match the original script would be awesome. Actually, I'd be up for trying to fandub an episode with the help of others.

  4. A lot of the time in subs when you swear words it's just because there isn't really an english equivalent. They don't really have swear words,they just have very rude words.


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