Comparing Don Dolnero and Ryuya

I was kind of inspired by Fantasy Leader to write this. Ha ha. Anyway a little flashback to Timeranger. So we have:

Don Dolnero- The recurring antagonist. True he appears to be greedy and vicious, however he displays caring qualities for his subordinates. Think of Cao Cao in Romance of the Three Kingdoms in Chinese history. His biggest worry was with Gien, making him a Sentai villain with a more caring side than most who chose to treat their subordinates like trash. He showed noble qualities and presumably died redeemed when he gave up the remaining Londerz Prisoners (freeze compressed) to the Timerangers hoping to make up for his mistakes, seeing those he truly cared about were harmed in the process. If the future was affected again, he may be alive in the 30th century. You decide his fate. Maybe not.

Ryuya- He is presumably Tatsuya's 30th century descendant. Maybe. Anyway, it's hard to believe that he was behind Don Dolnero's escape, that he manipulated the past and the present for his own welfare. How villainous is that? So maybe he doesn't aim to take over the world but the fact he was manipulating people for his own selfish needs makes him a villain. While he claimed to help save the world by rewriting history in the year 2000 (that is the same year Timeranger was shown), he was actually not caring about the welfare of just anybody. He made the Timerangers suffer a lot when he forced them stay in the 30th century while the 20th century was getting devastated. While attempting to live, he however got accidentally shot by Ayase giving him a fitting ending. At least Don Dolnero had compassion, this guy as if none at all. For Time Force fans, well Ransik can't match this guy's being a Sentai SOB. Side comment: Masaru Nagai is so awesome to play both hero and villain in one script!


  1. First, I would like to thank you for having this blog. You're Filipino right? I'm a 'nagbabalik-loob" sentai fan. :p I really like all your entries and pics. I recently finished Timeranger so I'm looking at your past posts with MST in it. I would like to watch the other sentai series but unfortunately the youtube channels were removed. :( hopefully, i can find other means to watch them.

    Please continue in keeping this blog alive. And also, I would appreciate if you post a story regarding the whereabouts of the timeranger casts (with pics of course). sorry, demanding. thanks again!

    ps. I'm also a jdrama fan, so if you have also host blogs about jdramas, let me know! :)

  2. Hi! If you should try to, please post in English so many will be able to understand. BTW here's the blog I host about Chinese, Japanese and Korean actors and their dramas:


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