Sentai's Darth Vader Type Villains

This crossed my mind just recently. Ha ha ha. Silly me I overlooked this. With Star Wars, Super Sentai also had some father vs. son moments. Here they are:

I think Doctor Man the main villain in Bioman counts as a Darth Vader. Why? He tried to convince his son Shuichi to join the dark side which he refuses, which causes a serious clash in their relationship. Although not really emphasized and shown only for a few episodes namely episodes 25-26, 43-44 and as Bioman was about to end (47-51). In the final end, Junichi like Luke Skywalker begs his father to remember who he was. Like Darth Vader, Doctor Man dies too from his injuries after reconciling with his son.

In Dairanger, Ryou's father had fallen into the dark side in the past. He had no idea Zhang Liao (not the historical figure) was his father making him the only red ranger to be half-Chinese. Like Luke Skywalker, Ryou grew up not knowing who his father really was until in episode 8 when Master Kaku made the revelation. He got wounded trying to save his son. He died reconciling with his son. This was however early episodes namely 7-8 so maybe, the most underdeveloped. Oh well... but it was great though.

In Gekiranger, Dan was brainwashed by Long to serve him and later, he showed up causing Jan serious problems- Dan was his father. Shades of "Luke I am your father". Dan as Suugu was serving Long (who I see as the Palpatine of the story) and fighting the Gekirangers. Towards the end, Jan had no choice but to defeat his father, to free his father from his locked up state and to restore him to who he really was. This was probably the most intense one in this list.


  1. I knew Ryou's father would make the list. xD

    Btw, is "Zhang Liao" Chouryou's name translated into another language?

  2. @Actually the same. Check Wikipedia. Again I could be wrong. By the way, I'm trying to write the last episodes of Sword Dynasty ASAP and how to end it, especially now that Michael and Marianne are in a serious relationship.

  3. maybe next time they could create a star wars inspired sentai series


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