Differences Between Power Rangers' Girls and Super Sentai's Girls... LOL.

I used this picture of two who I find the most attractive in their
respective franchises. Both pink rangers... hee hee.

Between Power Rangers and Super Sentai, there are just some differences between Power Rangers girls and Super Sentai girls:

In Power Rangers, we don't see girls wear short skirts that often save for Maya, Jen and Alyssa. In Super Sentai we do. In Power Rangers in the earlier days, Kimberly Hart wore short shorts, not a skirt presumably as not to do any upskirt performances. In Super Sentai, most of the women's legs were very exposed. In SPD and Operation Overdrive, the women wore pants instead of short skirts.

IMO many of Super Sentai's girls these days are hotter and sexier than Power Rangers' girls proving being American doesn't mean one looks better. IMO only Kimberly Hart was really that hot (I find her HOTTER than Mei, Mei was on the cute side or the rest of the Sentai babes appearance-wise), the rest well they're just okay, some were kind of attractive but were not much of my type. IMO Rin Takanashi is WAY hotter Erika Fong or Brittany Pirtle. However I may not ditch the chance to get a hot white American girlfriend (that is provided, she has a good attitude) if given the chance which is like between a girl that looks like Rin Takanashi and a girl that looks like Amy Jo Johnson, I'd go for the second.

Update as of February 24, 2011: Just recently, I didn't find Emily of Power Rangers Samurai to be that attractive but she's kind of cute. Mako is IMO is much hotter than Emily but Mako looks she's kind of have Caucasian blood in her.

In Super Sentai, there were more airheaded female rangers than in Power Rangers. Not even Kimberly Hart got that ditzy nor was she an airhead.

With the tougher female rangers, actually they are extra tough. Trini Kwan wasn't that tough.

More Sentai girls are seen wearing swimsuits than in Power Rangers in the crossovers, movies or series. Thanks to Mr. Smith, now I remember that it was Kimberly who first wore a two piece but her lower part was more of a short shorts type.

Most Super Sentai girls have a very unfortunate characteristic of becoming a victim of perversity both by the show and the audience. Now we don't see Justin groping Kat as Kou does to Lin do we?

So far no female Power Ranger ever gets to become a bad cook. In Super Sentai, some of their female rangers get to be bad cooks- first there was Juri Nijou a yellow ranger. The rest were pink rangers namely Yuuri, Mako Shiraishi and Eri. I wonder why Power Rangers humor doesn't have this.

Update as of February 24, 2011: Power Ranger Samurai made Mia a bad cook like Mako. On the other hand, I really think Mia lacks the "charm" to display that negative trait.

Also Super Sentai's female rangers are more prone to funnier moments than Super Sentai's rangers. Not even Kimberly Hart gets into that much comedy and honestly, Skull's advances towards her, I find it disgusting.


  1. I wouldn't say that we haven't seen Power Ranger girls wearing short skirts. In the early years of Power Rangers, the girls would often wear short shorts instead with crop tops.

  2. speaking of swimsuits, I remember at least one episode of MMPR (A Star is Born) where the rangers were on the beach and both Trini and Kimberly had bikinis on.

  3. Keep in mind, before Disney, the pink (and sometimes yellow) rangers wore short skirts in just about every episode. Jen from Time Force, Alyssa from Wild Force, and Maya from Lost Galaxy wore the same thing just about every episode.

  4. Dude - you wanna talk about the hottest females in Power Ranger history?

    You forgot to mention Jen (Time Force), Alyssa (Wild Force), Ronnie (Operation Overdrive), Ashley (Turbo/In Space), Kira (Dino Thunder), and how dare you, how dare you, HOW DARE YOU overlook Maya, aka Cerina Vincent...

  5. @ghetto_jedi2- I don't find Maya hot though. However I do find Ashley attractive.

  6. Don't forget, in ToQGer, for a majority of episodes, Mio didn't wear tights, so HER legs were exposed too...

  7. America and Japan have different limits to show mature/adult/serious content in a kid friendly show. America TV doesn't allow blood and so girls aren't supposed to be too hot show off instead it's more about integrity, lessons, values, teaching - learning, honesty, daring attitude and all that inspires growing ones.

    BTW u find only Kim hot. She is, but so are Jen, Kira, Gia, Taylor, Ashley, Dana but not in a show off way following western style but in most natural way like a girl next to door within American Child friendly show limits.


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