These Pink Rangers Are Bad Cooks!

I'm just kind of thinking how funny it is with Goseiger's next episode in mind, now there are three pink rangers who can't cook. I just find it funny while Kaori Rokumeikan can cook (and it's edible even if she's not really that good), these non-rich girls can't cook at all!

Sadly these type of characters are yet to exist in Power Rangers.

Yuuri/Time Pink- I guess her tough attitude makes her a bad cook. One episode featured where she had to take care of a baby and cooking was her weakness. Too bad though Judd Lynn didn't put this element in her PR counterpart Jen since Power Rangers is meant to be a lighter series than Super Sentai is with RPM as the exception.

Mako Shiraishi/Shinken Pink- Her cooking is horrible that Takeru Shiba doesn't give her any chance at all or overreacts to it. However I'd rather eat her horrible cooking over that of an evil aunt of mine (who looks like Honerva in Golion LOL) because she has a nicer personality and she may get it right. Funny how Kotoha Hanaori is immune to it.

Next week, just keep a watch for Eri's horrible cooking. Hee hee. I wonder if Eri is meant to be portrayed as a stupid girl or something. She does seem silly to me IMO. Also her personality seems to fit that of Xiao You in Meteor Garden and they almost look alike.


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