Differences Between Power Rangers' Males and Super Sentai's Males... LOL!

There are some few differences between the male rangers in Power Rangers and Super Sentai. I think these are some of them:

The most obvious might be the attractiveness of Power Rangers males over Super Sentai males. Super Sentai had some attractive males but none of them really had that much of a muscular body. Check out Cole Evans, Ryan Mitchell and Leo Colbert for example. Jason Lee Scott, well he wasn't that muscular but he counts. Ha ha. Can't comment much as a proud straight male! Although Tetsuji Tamayama is quite handsome, however he didn't have much of a muscular body. As of late, Alex Heartman is IMO hotter than Tori Matsuzaka although he still needs to improve in his acting, which I think he can.

Another of the obvious has to be this- most Sentai males had harder, more brutal especially when they are into out-of-suit action than just the regular civilian action scenes they do. For example, some Sentai males destroyed monsters out of suit. They also get stuck in more sticky situations and tragedies than Power Rangers' males most of the time. I'd also like to commemorate Hoji Tomasu's fight with Jiiya to be something worth praising especially that he was in normal strength, while Jiiya was on steroids. Sky Tate of Power Rangers SPD on the other hand never got that kind of a scene presumably due to censorship issues with the writers.

Hyperactivity and impulsiveness are traits more common in Super Sentai's males than Power Rangers' males. I mean, for example Banban Akaza is way more hyperactive (and overenthusiastic) than Jack Landors was. While Jack Landors just didn't do his part in the obstacle course during his earlier stages, Banban Akaza would try to beat the others in it (which will of course piss off Hoji Tomasu and Sky Tate in another way). Besides more Sentai red rangers suffered from that problem too. Genta Umemori is 100x more hyperactive than Gem and Gemma combined.

There's also a higher level of arrogance displayed among them before they become likable characters. Gai Yuuki is a good example.

Not to mention, it's all about the idiotic rangers too. In Super Sentai, idiots are more common in the team than in Power Rangers which makes them more realistic. There are heroes, yes but not every hero is smart even in written history. Think of Bulk and Skull as Power Rangers. :-P

Updated on: February 24, 2011


  1. Your first point kinda explains the fact why not many females like Super Sentai and why white females don't find most Asian men attractive. But that's beside the point.

    I also found Power Rangers male heroes more memorable than the Sentai male heroes. Not only because of the nostalgia, but it seems like the appeal of the Power Rangers heroes seem to capture the audience differently than of Sentai's.

  2. @DancingAlienDude- I have to confess this- I watch Super Sentai also for the girls so I don't mind how the guys look. :-P

  3. Wait! Hang on a minute, what about the goraijer's in hurricanger? Don't they have muscular bodies as well? Well, this is just my thought.

  4. @Aaron Oo- Yes they have a muscular body but they're not that muscular.

  5. I'm a girl who loves Super Sentai and I'll be honest, part of it's for the guys!
    The Sentai boys are a lot better looking than most of their Ranger counterparts. Maybe I'm odd, but that's just my opinion
    In fact, DekaRed (Ryuji Sainei) is one of my favorite Japanese actors


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