Dub Sentai for America or Just Release It Subbed?

Since Power Rangers was dubbed in Japan for some time, why not dub Super Sentai (don't forget to edit out some scenes) in America? Maybe not. Some white Americans are kind of used to listening to Japanese voices on Japanese shows already, even to the point to consider it murder if they dubbed it. However dubbing has some advantages- like changing some things you think are deemed inappropriate like how Dragon Ball Z in the U.S. changed Mr. Satan's name to Hercule (however in 99% of anime, Satan always implies evil) or those bad words that villain speak, for example in Boukenger has episode 22 with the &$!@ speaking of Shizuka and Zutakangami- which I think can be dubbed over as "Oh my!"

I think Haim Saban while he's having his plans for adapting Shinkenger may actually do this if he really wishes to promote Super Sentai as well- ask permission from his franchisor Toei to sub Super Sentai (accurately, many subs are just STUPID) and release it straight on DVD rather than broadcast it. That way, they don't have to keep following up Super Sentai as they do with the recent season of Power Rangers. Too bad though, third world countries are going to keep getting bootlegs. Sigh.

On the other hand, dubbing can be good and enjoyable if done properly. I can just imagine if Saban would actually let his new cast dub the Shinkenger characters for the English audio, because some people hate to read subs. Then again, Nickelodeon has some good dubbers so I don't see a problem if Spongebob's voice become Genta's voice.

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  1. I think if Saban was interested in persuading TOEI to release Sentai in the US he would either have it subbed or both dubbed and subbed. Most dvd's here in the states have multiple audio options as well as multiple subtitle options. However, I'm not sure Saban would warm up to the idea, I think he wants to avoid competition with Sentai.

  2. @Mr. Smith- I don't consider Sentai in competition with Power Rangers. Right now, I just want to consider them under the TOEI family tree. For Sentai, well DVD would be better.

    By the way, think of Golion. WEP released Golion but let's hope Saban doesn't do it too late. :-P

  3. There was a thread just like this over at Henshin Justice. I said it there and I'll say it here. DVD releases of Sentai will FAIL in America. This goes for all Toku other than Power Rangers.

    Just cause we know a lot of people who like Sentai doesn't mean Sentai is popular in the states. This fanbase is pretty small. When ever you talk about Sentai in public do people go "Power Rangers is Japanese?!" or do they go "Sentai? I know about that." I think DVD sales would do pretty bad here because not that many people know about Sentai and Tokusatsu itself. There would be no profit in bringing the DVD's here.

    Power Rangers, on the other hand, is VERY well known and popular. It's aired in over 10 countries. Sentai has aired in, I'm guessing maybe 5-6? The Power Rangers fanbase is bigger than the Sentai one, DVD sales will most likely be good.

  4. @Kingdom Rider- And that's another source of fanboy quarrels. However I like Super Sentai more than Power Rangers but let's not make it a reason to fight like little children.

  5. Nice article! By the way, would you be interested in reading and commenting your opinion on whether you believe subbed vs dubbed animes is better? http://nynyonlinex.wordpress.com/2013/01/19/dub-vs-sub/


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