Pink Rangers in Super Sentai

I've read from Valsag Fantasy on "Is Pink Disappearing?" I think it's just awful. Why? Pink is the color for women's pride. IMO pink makes the female rangers stand out in some way. Here is the count for pink rangers overall and note not all series have the color pink:

For the first female Sentai ranger, we had Peggy Matsumaya who was Momoranger or in English, the pink ranger of Goranger. Although she was weaker than the rest, she was the brains of the group.

The second one was Karen Mizuki/Heart Queen from JAKQ who was a competent fighter but she relied on stealth as her specialty when brute force won't work. She's the first pink ranger to have a relationship with the red ranger namely Spade Ace.

I wonder if Miss America counts. The first Miss America was Diane Martin who is half-American and she quits the team when she gets disabled by the Dracula Monster (they chose this for her instead of kill her for some reason) and the second one was known as Maria Nagisa. Again, she relies more on stealth.

Momoi Akira/Denzi Pink was portrayed as a spy more than a fighter.

Miki Monozono/Goggle Pink was the first gymnast pink ranger. She was kind of stereotypical IMO. She had Mazurka were rivals making her the first pink ranger with a female rival.

Rei Tachibana/Dyna Pink is the first pink ranger to have better fighting skills. She and Princess Chimera became rivals.

Hikaru Katsuragi/Pink Five was the first pink ranger to have a stronger female ally in Yellow Four (the first was the late Mika Koizumi and the second was Jun Yabuki). Though weaker in combat, her subtle tactics saved her most of the time.

Mai Tsubasa/Change Phoenix is the first pink ranger to be a tough cookie.

Lou/Pink Flash is the first pink ranger to actually possess incredible strength.

Momoko/Pink Mask though she is not as tough as Haruka, however is the more balanced pink ranger in terms of brains and brawn.

Haruna Morikawa/Pink Turbo... well stereotypically she is more of a spy than a fighter.

Kasumi Hoshikawa/Five Pink is the first elder sister type of pink ranger, considering she is one because Fiveman was a sibling force.

Mei/Ptera Ranger, well I think she's quite like Haruna being a pretty, determined woman.

Lin/Houou Ranger- I kind of get reminded of Momoko with her especially with a one-shot romance with the monster of the week. Also she's more well-balanced as a fighter but that doesn't stop her from being smarter than the rest.

Momo Marou/Oh Pink is a moderate aikido practitioner and feminine girl.

Youkoi Yagami/Pink Racer is the first pink ranger to be a ditz over a smart one.

Miku Imamura/Mega Pink is another ditzy pink ranger who is good friend. Despite her being ditzy, she is attracted to Shun Namiki instead of her good friend Kenta Date.

Saya/Ginga Pink may be feminine but she's more emotionally stronger.

Matsuri Tasumi/Gogo Pink- She's the first pink ranger to be portrayed as the youngest in a sibling Sentai, though she's one of the well-balanced ones.

Yuuri/Time Pink is the first pink ranger to be the actual leader of a Sentai group. She's also the first pink ranger to be a bad cook.

Umeko Kodou/Deka Pink is the first airhead who is also a mistress of disguise.

Houka Ozu/Magi Pink is the first pink ranger to be a playgirl.

Sakura Nishihori/Bouken Pink is the first pink ranger to come from a RICH family. So she wasn't portrayed as a valley girl but she's one that starts as super serious but later, lightens up.

Mako Shiraishi/Shinken Pink, I see her as a souped-up version of Momoko in Maskman. Yes she's girlie and tough in balance but she's got one BIIIIG problem- she's a terrible cook. Although Takeru Shiba complains about her cooking A LOT, the two get pretty along well and they complement each other.

Eri/Gosei Pink is the ongoing pink ranger as of recent, from Goseiger. She's pretty airheaded and a lovable character at the same time. However she's also a bad cook but not as bad as Mako was.

Ahim De Famille/Gokai Pink- She is the princess type of pink ranger, who like Natsuki, lost her kingdom and has decided to fight for justice.  

Total count: 26 pink rangers (as of 2011)


  1. Are you capable of writing ANYTHING about Mako without mentioning that you ship her with Takeru and wish she would cook for you? You know she's not a real person, don't you? ;)

  2. @susurro- Thanks for suggesting. :-P

  3. im searching for the pink ranger in jetman..i guess she's not here?

  4. Uh, Juri Miyazawa is the ACTRESS not the CHARACTER. Her name is Saya AKA Ginga Pink...

    So... if Yuuri was the first bad cook, then what does that make of Juri/Oh Yellow as you said in the next post?

  5. @ChrisX- What I mean Yuuri is the first pink ranger to be a bad cook. Also, I've already done the changes. Thanks.

    @Koru- Kaori is White Swan NOT Pink Swan. It was only in the dub she was called Pink Swan.


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