So We're Having A Case Of The Super Sentai Series Hangover?

There's no doubt that there's always "that series" that creates more impact than the others. Depending on the seven possible factors namely writers, producers, cast members, musical score, action scenes, aesthetics and circumstances you may get that, "WOW! THAT SENTAI SERIES IS SOOOOO GOOD!" effect. So I could discuss some shows that I thought created some hangovers and how other Super Sentai series would have a hard time competing with them. These hangovers happen because a certain Super Sentai series is really that good during its time that it's hard to beat it out after that. It's like how innovation creates something so cool that others try to imitate it but don't even come as close. In short, it's one of a kind series that would be very hard to replicate.

Gokaiger itself was really a huge massive crossover that may have been dreamed of by every Super Sentai fan. Maybe a lot wish that it would happen and it happened so it got a hugely positive reception. After Gokaiger, I was feeling negative about what may come. Go-Busters was fine for me but it could have been better. I have a soft spot for Go-Busters but I feel like it's suffered from a similar effect when Toshiki Inoue penned all of Kamen Rider Faiz's episodes. Then after Go-Busters, I really started to feel what could be that "generation gap" with Kyoryuger, ToQGer and Ninniger (and ratings from Go-Busters to ToQGer have been going down). Sure ToQGer had its award for building awareness but I can't deny that Yasuko Kobayashi was overworked. There's also the possibility that a lot of people haven't gotten over the Gokaiger hype either.

I don't think Gokaiger is the first time that a case of Super Sentai series hangover happened to fans. I can't be too sure but I'd like to name other series that could have caused it. After Hirohisa Soda burnt out, Fiveman's ratings went down the drain. Jetman saved Super Sentai the following year and the franchise continued. Jetman can still be viewed as a "finale" for the pre-Zyuranger era or an introduction to a new era of Super Sentai. After Jetman, there were a couple of series with new style writing but some fans were probably still too stuck with Jetman during the 20th century Super Sentai. Other series that could have also caused hangovers were Dairanger, Megaranger, Gingaman and Timeranger.

For the post-Timeranger era, I think Gaoranger and Boukenger also caused a case of hangover after they were shown. I can't blame fans for the hangover especially both are fun seasons in their own right. When something really new gets introduced and it works then the hype is really hard to surpass. Gaoranger was a new stage of mecha innovation and new toys were coming out. Boukenger was a big 30th anniversary. I also think Abaranger, Dekaranger and Shinkenger also caused hangovers to a certain extent. But it seems anniversaries in Super Sentai tend to cause the longest case of hangovers. Gaoranger, Boukenger and Gokaiger may be getting a lot more credit than they deserve. I would say they are good anniversary crossovers but there are still better Super Sentai seasons before and after. I still think it's possible to outdo Gokaiger with the right writers but it's not likely it'll happen that fast either. After all, didn't Toei's assigned staff pour in more effort during anniversaries than during non-anniversaries?

With Zyuohger as the 40th anniversary for Super Sentai and the show's doing a lot of fun gimmicks (and you've got old schoolers dancing in the last episode's credits), we may actually be getting closer to another post-anniversary hangover. Will Zyuohger also create another hangover when it's done? While I don't think the series may outdo Gokaiger but it seems to be outdoing Gaoranger and Boukenger in some areas. I think it will cause a hangover was because post-Gokaiger series weren't that good and this series seems to be getting more people hooked than usual. Let's just wait and see how things will turn out after this series ends. We'd probably get another case of "Zyuohger was so much better." or will Toei find ways to outdo the hype? Hopefully, they find ways to outdo the hype to keep themselves going with their primary target market. Then again, hypes are so hard to replicate because a huge celebration is easier to remember than a smaller celebration.


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