Zyuohger, Post Gokaiger Era Struggles And Gokaiger's Triumphant Return For Super Sentai's Upcoming 2000th Episode!

Dino Charge celebrated Power Rangers' overall 800th episode. Kamen Rider OOO celebrated the 1000th episode of Kamen Rider. Soon, Super Sentai will celebrate its 2000th episode. Even more, the cast of Gokaigers five years ago are returning for the 2000th episode produced for Super Sentai. It's not too surprising since Gokaiger is only five years old so the cast members couldn't have gone that far. Getting all the Gokaigers to resume their role is no easy task.

I can't deny that after Gokaiger, the hype was really there. I guess back then, a lot of fans dreamed of one massive season long crossover then it happened. Gokaiger fulfilled what Kamen Rider Decade failed to do. It brought a lot of old cast members back though not everyone agreed. Some of them may have declined due to other issues. I think Tori Matsuzaka may have turned down which in turn gave Runa Natsui's character Kaoru Shiba the attention she deserves. We had some tribute episodes for 90s fans though not so much on the 80s. But still, you can't deny Gokaiger was a huge party and I don't think everyone has gotten over it leading to the struggles of the post-Gokaiger era. Gokaiger was so good it's easy to have high expectations but may have not gotten it.

I may be a Go-Busters fan at a personal level but it can be argued that trying to return to darker and edgier after a huge fun party isn't a good move. I still think that Gokaiger is better than Go-Busters. I could enjoy Go-Busters but it doesn't provide as much fun. Kyoryuger tried to use dinosaurs to earn ratings but it struggled during its earlier episodes. Fortunately, Kyoryuger had a decent amount of toys and gimmicks for children. I think ToQGer could have been a major hit but a burnt out Yasuko Kobayashi wasn't doing anything to meet that potential. Ninninger was so-so and I think Naomi Takebe should just stick to Kamen Rider instead. Is it me or is the Gokaiger hype that hot that it's hard for older fans to appreciate any post-Gokaiger Super Sentai season that much? I don't blame the fans because Gokaiger can be viewed as a huge dream come true for many Super Sentai fans. That alone can create a unique feeling.

I'm having fun with Zyuohger after three seasons of what I call a constant letdown after Go-Busters. IMO, I think the villains have better personalities than the Zangyack. Are the heroes necessarily better than the Gokaigers? Not really but they have their own charm. Junko Komura is filling in the slot that a burned out Yasuko Kobayashi left behind after ToQGer. After watching Zyuohger for a couple of episodes now, I even thought that Komura herself should have been ToQGer's headwriter aside from my wish Naruhisa Arakawa were its headwriter. As of late, the villains are showing they're no-nonsense even if most of the show is meant to be a fun show. As of late, the season is more on the "well-balanced" side where it's fun without relying on a heavy dose of comedy. 

As a closing note, here's some interesting trivia or facts that some fans may have missed. Gaoranger was the 25th anniversary and Power Rangers Wild Force was the tenth anniversary. Boukenger was the 30th anniversary and Power Rangers Operation Overdrive was the 15th anniversary. One may also take note of the Dinosaur Trilogy. Abaranger ended up as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' 10th anniversary instead of Zyuranger's 10th anniversary. Kyoryuger ended up as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' 20th anniversary instead of Zyuranger's 20th anniversary.   


  1. Power Rangers celebrated their overall 800th episode not 1000th.


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