Hungry Ghost Festival In Zyuohger?

Considering August is the date where the Hungry Ghost Festival falls according to the Lunar Calendar, I guess Zyuohger got into the spirit. Hungry Ghost Festival happens on the seventh month of the Chinese calendar. Japan celebrates the Bon Festival on July 15 according to the Lunar Calendar. 

The episode gives us a little more background on Yamato Kazakiri. When I heard his mother's ghost was going to appear, I expected him to be a descendant of some soldier or something. I wanted to joke that he was really Ryu's and Kaori's son (due to his bird motif) though actual canon says otherwise. His memories get tapped in causing his mother's ghost to temporarily appear and he tries to connect with her. It turns out that Bulgay could also tap into memories. Plus, Bulgay has already joined the Deathgalien crew.

Most of the Zyuohger episodes were pretty fun but this episode had a sad scene to keep the show balance between serious and lighter themes. Yamato's memories were tampered with by Bulgay together with a lot of people. We also see a teary eyed scene of Yamato seeing his mother die before his eyes. She temporarily returns as a ghost then Bulgay kills her. Although I don't think the Deathgaliens are as scary as Maku, Madou or Fuuma as a crime syndicate but they still are your typical villains. I really felt Yamato's fury in this episode.

Next week, we're going to see a devilish camera. It's been some time since we had a camera themed monster. Last we saw them were in Bioman, Jetman, Dairanger and Gaoranger to name a few shows I could remember had a camera-themed villain.


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