Zyuohger 27: It's Time For A "Who's The Fake" Game Show And Next Week's Crossover With... THE GOKAIGERS!

This week's Zyuohger is just a prelude to the more exciting return of the whole Gokaiger cast. It's been five years. Gokaiger was last 2011 and it's 2016. I felt like this game show episode was a huge improvement from that silly Boukenger episode where they dealt with the Prometheus Stone precious. The Boukenger clip show may have been revisited and improvised after a period of ten years!

Bunglay shows he's a real sadist by now playing with the memories of Tusk and Sela. He clones them using their memories which leads to a wacky game show. But in the midst of that wacky game show, a 30-minute deadline's been set that if they can't find the fakes the the bombs will blow them up. It becomes a review or clip-show, Naruhisa Arakawa style. Watching this episode just feeds my urge to bitch to why in the world didn't Arakawa become ToQGer's head writer or at least a major contributor due to Yasuko Kobayashi running out of good ideas?!

There's a human side that shows with the fakes created from the memory of the real ones. When they see that the Zyuohgers value friendship, the fakes sacrifice themselves saving the real ones. This really shows that Bunglay may be that "badly needed" nightmare fuel. Though Toei may want to keep nightmare fuels to a low and focus on making better lighter and softer shows.

Next week, the Gokaigers are showing up and it's going to be a two-part crossover so the hype's probably going to be that high. Why didn't they just let Kamen Rider Ghost have a two-episode crossover as part of Zyuohger's episode count instead of guesting in each other's show? I can't be too certain on that one but there's one thing I could really say is that I guess the producers learned from a few of their successes and mistakes. Shinkenger had a two-episode guest role in Kamen Rider Decade though having a TV movie like Ressha Setai ToQGer vs. Gaim (which I still dislike) and Shuriken Sentai Ninninger vs. Kamen Rider Drive (which I actually like even if Ninninger happens to be not my cup of tea) isn't a bad idea either.

At this point, Toei may be trying something new and there's bound to be curves along the way. So why aren't they making a Zyuohger vs. Gokaiger TV movie but they decided to put the Gokaigers as part of the episode count? My wild guess is that due to Kamen Rider Ghost appearing as a guest some time ago and that Zyuohger isn't meant to operate in its own continuity like most Super Sentai seasons, then having a two-part crossover with the Gokaiger would help clear things up. Of course, don't forget that Doggie Kruger, Sha Fu and Torin made guest roles in the Zyuohger movie. Although I don't expect a Zyuohger VS. Super Sentai (since Gokaiger didn't get one) but the Gokaigers reappearing as themselves after five years should be a good milestone. 

This also reminds me of how Gokaiger is indeed a huge year long crossover. While children are Super Sentai's primary market but some teenagers and adults may want to relive their childhood moments. Some Super Sentai fans in their childhood may want to have something to share with their children who are the current audience. A seven year old last 1991 would be 27 years old by 2011 and a seven year old last 2001 would be 17 years old by 2011. Gokaiger was a "huge gathering" and I feel like Zyuohger is trying to be a huge gathering. Good thing that it has Junko Komura and Naruhisa Arakawa instead of Shoji Yonemura or let's just say forcing worn out innovative writers such asHirohisa Soda, Toshiki Inoue and Yasuko Kobayashi to write more than they can isn't a great idea either. 

Great ideas can end up falling apart due to improper execution. Fiveman's sibling theme is a great idea but having Hirohisa Soda burn himself out even further caused it to fail. I even felt like Toei could have already assigned Fiveman to Junki Takegami as the head writer after I saw how GoGoFive is miles better than Fiveman. Kamen Rider Decade could have become the great celebration for the Heisei era after nine consecutive Heisei era seasons but it got ruined by Shoji "Patrick Star" Yonemura as its headwriter. ToQGer's imagination theme is a great idea, it had its recognition award but it ended up as a high quality train running on defective rail tracks to the point it fell off the cliff because they forced an already burnt out Yasuko Kobayashi to write it. It's all about going back to learning from the five management mistakes that Toei may have made every now and then.


  1. This episode is really annoying. Last time, I marked Ninninger as a bad series, because they did such as fool thing for too many episodes. So, I hope Zyuohger just did it for once

  2. At the time Liveman, Ohrangers, Gaorangers, Boukengers. They were anniversary shows but was more standalones with no guest stars but Gaorangers and Boukengers do have the Versus movies with 5 assorted random Rangers to appear but they should have had a single Versus movie against Time Rangers and Magirangers as they both got fully skipped in meeting up their successors.

    Gokaigers is a big spoiled fan boy extravaganza which is good. ZyuOhgers is nothing that important but to unite all 6 Gokiagers in a two parter and they are still active after 5 years is really a big event for the fans.

  3. Bungley was really one game-changing villain....

  4. Bungley was really one game-changing villain....


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