Abaranger's Christmas Episode: A PSA For Kids Not To Accept Anything From Strangers?

After looking at Ninninger's last week's episode, I am reminded of the Abaranger Christmas episode. 

The plot involved a Trinoid (disguised as an obviously fake Santa Claus) starts going around giving gifts to everyone. While he just looks like your friendly neighborhood promo guy but surprise, something is really going on.

What is inside the box is not a pleasant thing. It forcibly turns humans into Barma soldier so the Evorian can conquer the world. 

 The plan impresses Mikoto's cruel tendencies. I mean, he's a bored sadistic madman making him my favorite villain in Abaranger.I would agree most humans will accept anything without question... that includes the lethal holiday gift that turns you into a Barma soldier.

 In the end, the Dino Guts prevailed on the mutated humans. The mutated humans reverted back to their normal selves thanks to people who care. So what was the other PSA message in that scene? I can't really tell except that I feel it also tells us close bonds and true friendship prevail.


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