Carranger's Three Parter Fight Before Christmas

After watching some Christmas specials in today's Super Sentai which is usually one-parters or at times, two-parters and as for Ninninger, it's a three parter. This is definitely one Christmas trilogy that I'd say was indeed a real fight before Christmas.

Reckless Dash Exhaus has prepared a diabolical, not funny scheme that could spell the end of the Carrangers. There's a lot of epic flavor in the battle which results to a lot of well-planned schemes. Zonette does get involved in trying to stop the scheme as her crush on Red Racer will ultimately lead to her redemption. 

Capturing Dappu was all part of the plan together with strategic deployment of robots. I just thought that Exhaus' cruelty is a huge contrast to the moronic Bowzock Gang. It's also revealed that Exhaus manipulated the Bowzock into destroying Hazard. I guess the whole Bowzock Gang are just too easy to manipulate.

Signalman returns for the holidays. I just wanted to insert the Robocop theme when he returned in the second part. The whole plan was pretty much strategic. Exhaus' genius plan made the victory very hard to achieve. The whole scheme involved draining the Carrangers' mecha of all their Carmagic Power, something that's related to Dappu.

The plan was also to use Dappu as a power source. The VRV Fighters are almost all out of power. Dappu's relationship with the Carranger gets fixed allowing the heroes to defeat the three mecha in a strategic way using both RV Robo and VRV Robo.

In the end, Dappu gets his wish to spend Christmas Eve with the heroes. It's almost like a reference of soldiers who spend the holidays outside of their family. Signalman must also wait until later before he can spend time with his family too.


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