Other Sentai Warriors Who Had Issues With Their Fathers

After seeing this week's Zyuohger where Yamato finally meets his estranged father face to face, I was inspired to write this post. Here are a couple of Super Sentai warriors who had issues with their fathers. Let's take a look at them from past to present.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Futoshi Kijima/Goggle Yellow

Okay, I was just a little kid when I first saw this episode dubbed in Tagalog and I haven't seen much of Goggle V either. Futoshi's father is upset by his son's decision to join the Goggle V team. This was resolved at the end of the episode.

Shiro Gou/Red One

Shiro's father arrived pretty late in the series. At first, he appears as the mysterious Dr. Shibata who turned out to be Doctor Man's former friend and rival. Doctor Man figured out that Dr. Shibata was none other than Shiro's supposedly deceased father Shinichiro Gou. Shiro always thought his father was either dead or abandoned him. It was touching to see how Shinichiro shared his regrets having no choice but to leave them in an effort to stop his former friend Doctor Man. Shinichiro sacrificed himself so the Biomen can get out of their captivity. Shinichiro offered his dying words towards his son Shiro and Doctor Man's son Shuichi.

Megumi Misaki/Blue Dolphin

Megumi's father appears in episode 27 of Liveman. Megumi got into a conflict with her father wanting her to find a husband as soon as possible. Her father realizes that she's a Liveman and that she must be allowed to face her destiny. 


At the introductory arc of Dairanger (which led to Dairenou), we know Ryou's actually the son of Choryuu and a modern day woman. This doesn't sit too well since his father defected to the Gorma causing a Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader relationship. Even the whole death scene nearly reminded me of Return of the Jedi when Darth Vader finally came back to his senses. Choryu sacrificed himself so Dairenou can be formed allowing the Dairangers to defeat an enlarged High Priest Saw.


This is another reason why Kou's not just another gimmick child ranger. He's got this cool backstory where he doesn't realize that Shadam is actually his father. So how did that secret get hidden in the first place? He does know Akomaru is his twin brother so why didn't he know Shadam was his father? Shadam tried to reveal to him the truth too late though but it didn't work. The ending does leave us to decide on what happened with our imaginations though. So far, he's the only Sentai warrior whose father is a villain. 

The Tatsumi Siblings

Unlike the Hoshikiwa family, the Tatsumi family believed their father abandoned them for no reason then one day he appears in front of them. This causes a huge shock and the children don't want to easily accept their father. Perhaps the one with the biggest father issue among them is Nagare since he follows in their father's footsteps. Mondo Tatsumi had no choice but to leave them in preparation for the inevitable event that the Saima Clan should one day return. As the series progressed it's revealed that he's had a lot of regret not telling his children sooner why he had to go. Shades of Voltes V's Kentaro Gou also known as Baron Lagour anyone?

Tatsuya Asami/Time Red

Tatsuya himself faces the problem of wanting to establish his own future vs. a father who thinks that everyone must face that path. This resulted to Tatsuya leaving his home when he became a Timeranger. This situation becomes worse when Wataru found out that his son Tatsuya was indeed a Timeranger. Wataru wanted to use the City Guardians as a profiteering organization which Tatsuya questioned his father's motives of how much is enough money. Tatsuya nearly took over their company when Captain Ryuya appeared and temporarily took over as Time Red. Both father and son are reconciled after the final battle.

Yukito Sanjo/Abare Blue

I guess this is why Yukito's a greedy douche in some way. It's no thanks to his father Souichirou Sanjo who appeared in episodes 15-16. Souichirou's a greedy bastard whose entire life revolves around money. I guess that's where Yukito got his tendencies to become really greedy and manipulate others for self-benefit.

The Ozu Siblings

Like the GoGoFive family they are estranged from their father while they were still children. This is because Wolzard is actually their long lost father Isamu Ozu. They have no idea at first Wolzard is their father. Like Dr. Tatsumi, Isamu himself was forced to abandon his family for an important mission. Isamu's self-sacrifice turned him into Wolzard while he was trying to seal N-Ma. He was later reunited with his wife and children in the finale arc.

Satoru Akashi/Bouken Red

The Boukenger movie introduced Satoru's super annoying father Kouichi. He's done more nuisance in the film than contributing to the plot material. In fact, I felt like he shouldn't have appeared in the movie if all he did for most of its run was annoy almost everyone. Both father and son have a very different perspective of what it means to be an adventurer. Good thing he didn't reappear in the series or it's time to ship him off to outer space permanently.

Image result for shinkenger 34
Mako Shiraishi/Shinken Pink

Mako didn't grow up with a normal childhood. I assumed maybe her parents were divorced though episode 34 revealed that wasn't the case. Her father Mamoru returned after taking care of her ailing mother Kyoko while she was left behind with her presumably deceased samurai grandmother (maybe on Kyoko's side, Mako's dad doesn't look like he's one) as a child. When her father wanted to take her back she showed that she had a mission to keep and children to save. She later went to Hawaii to spend more time with her parents.

Daigo Kiryu/Kyoryu Red

Daigo's father father Dantetsu Kiryu killed Torin and supposedly betrayed the Kyoryugers. It was revealed that Dantetsu's killing Torin was part of the plan to allow the latter to fight Deboth monsters before they can reach the surface.

Souji Rippukan/Kyoryu Green

Souji's basically messed up as his parents are not only divorced but his father is too traditional. He beleived that his father Genryu's strictness caused his mother Reiko Tanba to leave them. He would earn his father's respect by making up new sword styles in battle. Later his parents managed to reconcile their differences later in the series.

Missed any? Let me know!


  1. You also forget Daigo Kiryu and Dantetsu Kiryu. They had one during the deceit and the killing of Torin


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