Will Kyuranger Change The Way Super Sentai Does Things For The Better?

Here's the first promotional leak of Kyuranger which comes from JEFusion. Nine rangers? I don't know how's that even going to work. I feel like maybe we might see another new era of Super Sentai to be born after Zyuohger "ends" it. I feel like Super Sentai always had the tendency to have a "finale" series (which I may discuss later like Jetman and Timeranger) while after that finale series an entirely new era is born. Then the cycle starts again. So was Gokaiger really a "finale" series. Looks like it but sad to say the need for another "fresh start" may be badly needed due to diminishing ratings.

My current speculation is that we're probably going to start with either three or five then the rest will come in. I think this might be a mold breaker the way things were done. Dekaranger did have five rangers, Doggie Kruger can be considered another ranger, then we have Tetsu (a regular sixth ranger), Lisa (Tetsu's mentor), Marigold (who appeared in the movie) and Swan (who can only use her for twice in the series) which gave a total of ten. Go-onger had a total of seven rangers. Kyoryuger had five plus one regular sixth ranger yet we also had Kyoryu Cyan and Kyoryu Silver as irregular rangers. I don't that will be the case with Kyuranger. I think we'll see them progressively added in (hopefully) to avoid the story from moving too fast though it may be a transition towards a new type of series.

Just an important note: changes have done things for the better or for the worse. If you take a look at the ups and downs of Super Sentai you'll see how it's never been a straight road up but there are ups and downs. Progress is like climbing a series of mountains where you must go down the plains then start climbing all over again. Fiveman nearly ended Super Sentai due to its lack of popularity while Jetman brought it back on its feet. Ohranger, Carranger and Kyoryuger had lower ratings but were fortunate enough to have high toy sales. Gaoranger was pretty much a monster hit which may have put a lot of its successors under its shadow even with all the new innovative ideas.

It's too early for me to say how Kyuranger will fare when it comes. Right now, Zyuohger may still be hitting low for some reason. Is it intense competition against Anime (especially Pokemon) or are some fans just taking a short break from the series? Hopefully, Kyuranger will outdo itself to spawn another generation of Super Sentai or will it end up be the transition to creating an all new genre of Tokusatsu that will replace Super Sentai? Either way let's hope that the outcome will still be beneficial for profit sharing.


  1. I always thought that TOEI would try to mimic the success of Toho's Gransazer.

    The numeric limit was 3/5 only, then 6 was the fan highlight. Dekaranger dared with 10(Deka Gold and Bright) where 30 minute gimmicks but still part of the roster, Magiranger had 8, Kyoryuger continued passing the limit with 11!!!
    But the current and most is 7. Gekiranger started it with the Rio and Melee(first girl green),Go Ongers, Shinkengers, ToQgers, Niningers was flip flopping with the three Reds and another green girl which is close to 9, and now ZyuOhgers, Kyuuranger now flat out start with 9 members with no time to grow the characters as it ends with the 9 Rangers as it ends. I wonder they will add in a Bangai hero as a 6th Ranger place and it is passed 6 to call this character a 6th ranger.

    Sentai is in a thin blue line of cancellation I hope this series will get the glory it once had!!!

    1. I have a feeling that these may happen:

      1.) Super Sentai may eventually get cancelled and get replaced with a new kind of Tokusatsu series. Kyuranger may be this important transition. But still, this may be unlikely.

      2.) Super Sentai's writing formula may change starting with Kyuranger separating itself from some cliches in the past.

      What are your thoughts?

    2. There are a lot of speculation that Sentai can't get cancelled because Saban is keeping it Alive through his butchering and distribution and the meager viewing figures and merchandising is giving it a chance.

      But then again, if you know anything about western Science Fiction, in the U.K. Doctor Who was on the air from 1963-1989. It could have lasted a bit longer but the BBC controller who thought the show is both a waste of time and money and the ratings did not help sealed its fate in 1989.
      Star Trek- after the 60s and several theatricals. The franchise got the resurrection with the Next Generation. That was so good that Rick Berman green lit DS9, with syndication he got very ambitious and created Voyager. This is the cancer that will kill a being. The script was bad if not predictable, fans faded away as Berman and his partner Brannon Braga was goosing out episodes that isn't worth the time of day and nobody cares anymore. Then one last and final ditch was made, Enterprise! Great idea of a prequel but the problem was having Berman and Braga in charge. Though the 4th season got extremely good but the damage is done! Paramount had enough and pulled the plug with only 4 seasons to boot. International sales and rerun packages wouldn't keep Star Trek on the air because ratings was the factor and business must go on
      and Paramount just finished a 18 year power house of a name.
      Will TOEI pull the plug off Sentai? If they did that with Kamen Rider which was the longest running series from 1970-1981 and returned for 2 more season then yes they will kill it.

      Getting back to Kyuuranger, it
      looks promising and it is original.
      No more cars, Dinosaurs, Ninjas.
      The suits and helmets are nice and I am excited too.

      In the meantime let's pray Super Sentai will Never Stop!!!

    3. I just have my speculation that Super Sentai's writing formula will take a turn for a better. I feel like we may get a reboot anytime soon.


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