Ryusoulger Episode 9: Be Careful For What Thou Wishest For

Ever heard the statement of be careful of what thou wishest for? It seems to be the moral lesson of today's Ryusoulger. Personally, I do miss the time when Super Sentai had a lot of moral lessons of the week back with Hirohisa Soda in the 1980s. Thankfully, we're actually getting it every now and then. Now, we're getting from RPG vibes too!

It's a balance of thought and action -- Yin and Yang. Melto as said is the intellectual person of the team. Usually, pink rangers (in many cases but not all) tend to be the smart ones but Asuna seems to be less of that considering she's physically the strongest member of the time. They try to work out a strategy but all Melto does is warn about not being prepared. Asuna says that all think and no do is useless. How are they going to resolve this?

This highlighteth a bit more of Banba as a guy who is a jerk with a heart of gold. He can't resist to help the old man who was knocked out. Something is not right if you ask me.

Awhile ago, Naohisa Tatsui have told them of a treasure hunt. Now, an old witch appeareth which for me is CAN'T THE VILLAINS HAVE BETTER DISGUISES? It remindeth me of the wicked queen disguising herself as a toothless old hag rather than your generic old woman. I'd be too scared to help an old witch in contrast to your average old lady!

What really got my attention in part is how the treasure box looks like a Mimic chest in Dragon Quest. If you're a Dragon Quest player -- remember those times when you opened a box BUT it's actually a chest with teeth? Hmmm was Toei really planning to use dragons over dinosaurs but they ended up changing their minds due to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom? It seemeth like it!

They get into a place where wishes do come true at a price. Greatness isn't a short cut. There's no elevator to success. The people trapped in this box would soon find it out the hard way.

Want a lot of money? You have to work hard for it! Stop trying to fall for get rich scheme. Later, said person would realize that the money is useless if he can't spend it. 

Vanity? Well your vanity will soon trap you sooner or later, right? The girls would soon cry that they only have one face to try the make-up on.

Asuna does have a gluttony side after all. Okay, I just want to get some yakiniku RIGHT NOW but I'm currently on a restrictive diet of vegetables and less meat. She does get too full that she can't move on. A lesson gluttony perhaps?

Towa wanteth to become stronger and gets it. Though later on -- he'd realize it comes with a price. I was thinking of it how impatient I can be when playing RPG games. I'm reminded of how finding Metal Monsters in Dragon Quest may get you a boost but they're hard to get by -- remember how they frequently flee and the chances of destroying them are VERY SLIM?

Koh wisheth to see more of the world. This has him flying and do a crazy special effect. I wonder did they use a green screen here to film this scene that would kill you in real life?

Meanwhile, Banba discovereth that there's a missing box. He inquireth of it and trieth to find out where it is.

There is a barrier and Melto mentioneth of the fishiness of their circumstance. Both Koh and Melto argue again when the former trieth to break the barrier.

So too many wishes coming true won't make you happy huh? The magical place isn't so magical. I wonder would we get a Pleasure Island episode soon? I mean why not make a Super Sentai episode where people have too much fun and turn into jackasses?

This part is really a mystery of sorts. Is this the ghost of Master Blue or an illusion? Melto realizeth that he must also trust his friends in order to get his brilliant plans done.

Well it's no surprise the old hag was Wizeru. Though I wonder is it a foreshadow that the main antagonist of Ryusoulger will be an old hag? Maybe a throwback to Beryl from Sailor Moon or Queen Maeve from Knights of Tir Na Nog? Wizeru planeth to use human desires against them in that box.

Master Blue or whatever encourages Melto or Ryusoul Blue to have confidence in everyone. Since the masters were turned into medallions after their deaths -- I guess this is one way of how they would guide the Ryusoulgers. Though it's not made clear yet.

Banba would soon go into the shop and discover that there's a box being used. So there's no host or what? I just wish though that he fought the mooks out of suit instead of morphing. But I guess it's always faster to wear your spandex and get things done at times, right? It's kind of common in Super Sentai and Power Rangers to seldom morph and wrap things up faster then do your own stunts in other episodes. Though I wonder are the cast members doing their suit fight scenes here since stunt doubles usually do the way riskier part?

Ryusoul Blue does show his knowledge in trigonometry and physics here linked. He doth use his brains to get everything done. Both Ryusoul Red and Ryusoul Pink fight off the illusions while the trust is developed.

So the keyhole is in the sky? Predictable or not? You decide. But I just love how Melto uses his applied knowledge in trigonometry to find that keyhole. What I always find stupid is that why didn't Wizeru just throw away the box into a volcano or what? That could have allowed him to win. Okay, I just hope whoever is the true leader of Druidon would totally beat him up!

So the source of the power of the Mimic Minosaur is a music box that was well-hidden for some time. I guess there's going to be more interesting monsters soon. The box is destroyed and the Mimic Minosaur too is destroyed.

Meanwhile, they all talk about their misadventure of the day. Meanwhile, Melto still thinketh of the encounter he had with who could be Master Blue.

Next week -- looks like there's a suicide episode and rather dangerous stunts there! I wonder is it going to be another suicide episode? Hmmm....