Super Sentai Perverts

In Super Sentai there have been some perverts I'd like to bring out into notice.  They are...

Takeru/Red Mask as a kid.  Okay while he's a pretty decent person and likable character as of present, everybody was shocked to find out that the little him was a pervert who lifted Haruka's and Momoko's skirts.  I wonder how he overcame perversity since there's no detail to how he matured in the middle of being a kid up to the point he became a Maskman.

Kiros really had some nerve to stare at Ial bathing for some time.

I guess Gai Yuki will count especially when was caught climbing up to peep at the girls while they were at the hot spring resort.  Then he tricked Ryu into falling into the girls' bathing area.  However aside from that, he hasn't been seen doing upskirts on women.

When Kou appeared at first, he was a pervert who abused his powers by looking at female underwear and two, he groped Lin's breasts.  However he was a short-term pervert since as the series progressed, he matured for the better.

Elehan Kimpo is sort of a pervert with his fascination with women.

Yatsudenwani is one perverted Trinoid.  I just had my question whether or not Mikela was reading porn magazines while he created this dude LOL.  He first developed a crush on Ranru and if that's not enough, in Dekaranger vs. Abaranger he was caught peeping at Jasmine, Ranru, Umeko and Emiri at the tub.  In Gokaiger vs. Gavan, he attempted to harass both Luka and Ahim.

Missed any?  Let me know.


  1. In Kakurangers, it's already a cliche that 4 guys and 1 girl sleep together un a tent as they travel. But both Sasuke and Sekai has some attraction for Tsuruhime. Sasuke was checking out Tsuruhime's chest with a x-ray telescope and Sekai is a horney male who has hit on Tsuruhime subtle wise. In the opening as all 5 Ninja are running. You can see Ninja Yellow groping Ninja Whites behind and the Kakuranger logo appears.


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