My Favorite Super Sentai Villain Background Music

Here is a list of my favorite Super Sentai villain background music by ranking.  They are...

My top one goes to the Gorma's background music for the reason that it has the "Star Wars" feel of the imperial march and two, it really implies the dark menace and tragedy that surrounds the Gorma's government in itself.  I just feel like the Gorma Emperor is on his way when the music plays.  Quite ironic I don't like the Gorma theme song which I find rather boring.

The Tube's background theme has the creepy feeling of being underground especially that one is suspicious of who Emperor Zeba the Usurper is.  Zeba's presence is pretty creepy and intimidating especially when one can see his creepy eyes which tells the audience he's not human at all.  I put this second because while I liked this so much over every other villain tunes before, Gorma's background music kicked it down to second place.

New Empire Gear's music goes from start to finish, quite awesome.  Dr. Man's presence together with his army of mechanical monsters, the entrance is pretty awesome in itself.  This would be a third placer, though maybe not as good as the Gorma's or that of the Tube's, it's still a childhood nostalgia.

For the Violent Demon Tribe, it's pretty expected to have an incredibly creepy feel to it.  I just love how Ragorn then loses his temper, lashes it out like that, overreacts and then putting fear into his followers.

Silver Imperial Army Zone has this really majestic music whenever Vulgyre projects the image of Meadow to his dupes he has for followers.  I love how its instrumentals make me feel I'm in a castle and the splendor of the illusion that is Meadow.


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