Super Sentai Villains that Died As a Result of Their Greed

In Super Sentai, here are some deaths that happened because of greed.  They are...

General Zenobia- She dreamed of getting the tenth tail so she could become the most powerful among the Jashinka.  When she finally got the tenth tail in her plot to overthrow Aton, instead of becoming the most powerful as she believed, she was reduced into a skeleton instead.

Kiros- His quest for wealth and the beauty of Princess Ial became his fall.  Throughout his life, he went to gather more treasure eventually running into Ial, while sideline he played around with girls for his own pleasures.  Eventually his greed to possess Ial led to his downfall when while attempting to bribe Oyobur to release Ial from the ice prison, eventually Takeru intervened and when Takeru used his Aura Power to release Ial, an icicle shard pierced his vital organ while seeing what he can never have slip past him as he died.

Great Professor Bias- He manipulated everyone across Volt for his own convenience and later killed them so he could get ultimate power over the world.  The end result was that the spirits of his deceased officers soon rebelled, reverting him back to his actual age eventually causing him to die at the series finale.

Dongoros- He was the greediest member of the Zone, always counting money.  In the series finale of Fiveman, he tried to escape an exploding Vulgyre with all the Dolyen Bills, only for him to get caught in the explosion.

Abrella- He was already greedy throughout Dekaranger, amassing wealth at the cost of others as long as he had control over finances.  Towards the end, that greed caused him to take over the Dekabase, try to destroy the other branches of the Special Police Dekaranger and eventually led to his death at the hands of the Dekarangers.


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